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An Amateur’s Guide To Scaffold Tower Hire

Scaffold towers are an obvious essential for anyone working at height, and as well as being safe, accessible and secure, there are an array of benefits to be found from hiring. Whether you’re getting started on a large-scale construction project and want to ensure the entire workforce are safe as a matter of urgency, or you’re part of a small team and need that extra reassurance that legal compliance is being met, scaffold towers are an excellent way to access the areas you need to, without compromising on safety. Within this exhaustive guide, Rocket Rentals will guide you through everything you need to know about scaffold tower hire, the practicality of scaffolding and why to choose us as your hire partners for any upcoming work. Let’s get started!


A Site Essential

For very good reason, scaffold towers are one of the most common pieces of equipment used in the construction industry today. Also sometimes known as ‘access towers’ or ‘scaffolding towers’, these fantastic utilities can comfortably accommodate a worker and their tools - while remaining more stable than traditional ladders.

Helping an array of workers who operate at height to do their job efficiently and safely, the sturdy construction offers stability, and the large work platform gives more space to move around than industry alternatives. Self-supporting, these scaffold tower platforms can very easily be positioned in a wide variety of different locations and on different surfaces, allowing you to work safely regardless of working conditions and limitations.

Secure Scaffolding

One of the biggest causes of workplace injuries within the UK are falls from height, and though scaffold towers are a fantastic way to reduce such risks, responsible individuals still need to be extra vigilant. Assessing the job and environment before beginning work at height remains hugely important, while individuals should ensure they have the right scaffold tower for the job (more on this later).

Once you have set up the site location appropriately, and ensured you’re building on stable ground, there’s still work to be done. Has the scaffold tower been erected correctly including any bracing requirements? And how long is the scaffold required to be in place? All team members should be conscious of safe working loads, from the maximum amount of people, to the equipment and material the tower is designed for.

Assorted Contexts

Different contexts will call for different scaffolding types, and at Rocket Rentals, we provide an array of fantastic professionally acquired scaffolding options as standard. Read on below for the specifics, and take a look through our online selection for additional details, safety criteria and measurements.

Single Scaffolding

Also called ‘bricklayers scaffolding’ by some, single scaffolding represents the typical form of scaffolding seen for many domestic extensions and building jobs. Generally used for brick masonry, it is installed parallel to a wall, and consists of several typical components.

Double Scaffolding

referred to as ‘mason’s scaffolding’ or ‘independent scaffolding’ by some, as these names would suggest, this type is generally used for stone masonry. In stone walls, it is hard to make holes in the wall to insert supports, so two rows of scaffolding are constructed to make it stronger.

Cantilever Scaffolding

A type of scaffolding in which support is provided by a series of needles, this scaffolding type is most frequently used in conditions such as when the ground does not have the capacity to support traditional scaffolding, or when an upper part of the wall is under construction.

Suspended Scaffolding

For suspended scaffolding, the working platform is suspended from a roof - with the help of wire ropes or chains. Used a lot of the time for repair works, and found on many taller buildings for which other types aren’t practical, these builds can often usefully be raised or lowered to a required level.

Trestle Scaffolding

In terms of trestle scaffolding, the working platform is supported on movable tripods or ladders, and is generally used for work inside of buildings. More manoeuvrable, this scaffolding doesn’t always have to be quickly disassembled and put back together.

Steel Scaffolding

Constructed by steel tubes, which are fixed together by steel couplers or fittings, these platforms are very easy to construct or dismantle. Offering greater strength, greater durability and higher fire resistance than many other forms of scaffolding, steel scaffolding is a popular choice.

Why Hire?

Unsurprisingly, hiring is a popular option for many shorter projects, or jobs during which special equipment is required, but only temporarily. Even if your budget can’t stretch to buying the equipment, hiring it is a great way to save money. If you own a piece of equipment and are using it frequently, it could eventually break and need to be repaired, which of course isn’t a worry with hired items. Tool hire contracts from Rocket Rentals are flexible, giving you the freedom to get equipment when you need it, for the right amount of time. You don’t want to be wasting money hiring a tool for half a year when you only need it for a month or so!

Our Product Range

We’re known as Gloucester’s leading tool, plant and access equipment rental experts for a reason. With one of the largest selections anywhere in the South-West of England, browse through today, and don’t be afraid to enquire - our friendly team would love to be of assistance. From lighting hire to security equipment, take a look below:

Plant Options

From 1-tonne mini digger rental all the way to 20-metre telehandler hire, at Rocket Rentals we are committed to providing clients with a diverse range of plant rental equipment to accommodate the needs of your construction site or DIY project. Alongside digger and telehandler hire, our extensive plant fleet includes excavator hire, forklift hire, dumper hire, roller hire and much more.

Access Options

Articulating boom lifts and scissor lifts are among our growing selection of access hire options at Rocket Rentals, and with plans to add to our access hire collection, expect quality and leading branded machinery. A necessity if you need to work safely at height, or need to safeguard your employees and remain legally compliant, hiring access options can save time and money.

Tool Options

Including drill rental and sanding hire, also inclusive of cement mixer hire and breaker equipment rental, we have a vast range of tools available to help your project run as smoothly as required. If you’re working with equipment that regularly needs updating or you do not have the facilities for large tools, then tool rental might be the best option for you to keep on top of industry needs.

Rocket Rentals: Excavator Hire, Drill Rental And More

Locally recognised for quality, industry knowhow and a huge selection of contract options, Rocket Rentals are your number one choice for tool, access and plant hire agreements in Gloucester and the surrounding region. We specialise in delivering premium contract solutions to a diverse range of clients in the construction, civil engineering and industrial sectors, with plenty of returning contractors. We are committed to supplying machinery that provides safety, security and ease of operation to ensure that our clients get the very best value for their money.

Unsure if we cover your location? We operate within a 50 mile radius, providing our services to customers in Gloucester, Cirencester, Bristol, Oxford and Swindon. Keep in mind that all of our plant rental equipment is available on a weekly hire basis at a highly competitive price - allowing you to make substantial savings. Once you’ve opted for your chosen items and come to an agreement on hire length and terms, we can arrange for the speedy delivery of your rental machinery and tools, ready to use for as long as agreed. Happy to answer any questions and offer quotes, contact us today for immediate peace of mind.

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