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Choosing a Cherry Picker Hire For Your Project

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Cherry picker hire is the sensible option if you’re looking to temporarily acquire a hydraulic crane which can reach those elevated hard-to-reach locations. Whatever the nature of your project, many individuals opt to hire their equipment as a cost-effective and convenient alternative to outright purchasing. If you’re not sure about the particular high-quality tool or digger hire options to select, Rocket Rentals will even be available to help you on your way. Continue ahead and discover the plentiful benefits of leasing your large machinery in 2023 and beyond.

Cherry picker

Varied Models

Cherry pickers come in a variety of sizes, reach heights, and widths to make it easier to extend over objects and fit into tight spaces. You should take the reach height, capacity, and manoeuvrability into account when selecting the best cherry picker. Pickers are the best tool for at-height problems and mending broken or loose roof tiles because they can extend upward and outward, while the most reliable way to finish these chosen tasks is to evaluate the circumstances beforehand and purchase a model that suits your needs. There are many models to choose from within our constantly expanding selection, so why not take a look?

Suited To Your Task

The cherry picker has a wide range of applications and is a necessary tool in many engineering and construction environments. This adaptable piece of equipment, which was initially created for use in orchards for fruit picking, is now typical to see in a variety of settings. When performing tasks above ground level, safety is of the utmost importance, and a cherry picker enables the user to do so securely and safely. A cherry picker might be utilized on any given day to help with a variety of significant tasks, so having a readily available provider is ideal.

Reasons To Hire

It's fantastic news for construction professionals that tool rental companies stock the newest equipment for construction sites. Although renting construction equipment for a week is more cost-effective than doing so for a day, renting that equipment makes perfect sense if you only need it occasionally. Finally, by hiring, you can avoid worrying about where the equipment will be kept because it can simply be delivered to the appropriate location.

At Rocket Rentals Ltd, we’re Gloucester’s leading plant, access and tool hire company, supplying clients in the construction industry with high-quality equipment at competitive prices. We operate within a 50 mile radius, providing our services to customers in Gloucester, Cirencester, Bristol, Oxford and Swindon to name just a few locations - so contact us today for additional information on cherry picker hire or powertool rental.

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