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Construction Site Safety: Your Updated Guide

Updated: May 31, 2023

A potentially dangerous industry in which there are all manner of risks and hazards on a daily basis, the construction trade certainly remains a rewarding and enjoyable one. Legislation exists to protect construction workers while they remain on-site, and individuals are encouraged to act in a responsible and safe manner at all times while on shift. As well as this, tools and equipment are manufactured in such a way that they’re completely suitable to use and often feature safety mechanisms and protective functions.

If you’re unfamiliar with the intricacies of remaining safe within the construction trade, or require information on the hire process for rentable appliances, read ahead! Rocket Rentals have all the information you need!

The Risks

The risks associated with the construction trade are of course varied, and to be expected when you work with heavy machinery, sharp objects and corrosive or heated substances. Industrial machinery often requires extensive training to use, and therefore professionally trained staff should be entrusted with particular tasks on-site. Any deviation from this could result in serious injury or even death in the most severe of cases.

Not all damage sustained on the job is immediately noticeable either, with inhalation of fumes and exposure to chemicals and materials sometimes taking a toll over time. PPE will be discussed later in this blog, and is by far one of the most effective ways to safeguard against lasting harm. Not visible to the naked eye either, even something as seemingly harmless as noise from power tools may be doing more harm than meets the eye.


Our fleet is always expanding to meet demand, and includes not only diggers, excavators, rollers and dumpers, but also tractors, crushers and utility vehicles. Perfect for jobs of varied scale and budget, hiring is often the way to go if you require the beneficial functions of a heavy machine, but don’t have the financial flexibility or a solid suitable reason to acquire permanently. Much more cost-efficient, and with the added perk of variable terms, machinery hire offers enhanced safety as our professionals can promptly and properly show you how each appliance functions.

With accurate PDF guidance supplied for each machinery pick, we ensure there’s no stone left unturned when you decide to add a Rocket Rentals appliance to your arsenal. All hire fleet items are checked by our team of Engineers prior to delivery. Service records are maintained by our Service Department with services carried out as required by the CPA and HAE terms. Efficient and safe delivery is to be expected too - with all of our drivers qualified to operate the delivery vehicle, load and unload the equipment safely and access sites as appropriate.


Just as potentially dangerous as heavy machinery and vehicles, smaller tools still require guidance to use, and shouldn’t be operated without informed judgement. At Rocket Rentals, we can provide your site with accessories and powerful tools ranging from cement mixers, drills, lighting utilities and surface preparation equipment. Not sure how to operate a particular tool? We would be more than happy to demonstrate or take you through the safety specifics. For those with limited experience, hammers, saws and manual tools may even pose a risk - so if you’re overseeing a team, make sure everyone is briefed based on their knowhow.

Protective Measures

Though the term PPE (personal protective equipment) may be more closely associated with standardised facemasks in the wake of the pandemic, this actually relates to all sorts of garments which exist to guard the user against harm. Plastic eyeglasses, ear protectors, reinforced high-vis jackets and steel-toe boots all come under this category, and are often selected based on the potential hazards of the selected site. Often a rule of thumb within construction environments is for individuals to wear hard hats and appropriate footwear, though you should be made aware if any specific PPE is appropriate (for example a comprehensive facemask with valve for when working with debris.

Behaviour And Rules

It goes without saying that behaviour on a construction site should be sensible and never endanger others, with a set of rules surrounding conduct, and a particular hierarchy established within the team. Unsafe behaviours can spread through a workforce quickly, and within a large team, such irresponsible actions should be cut out as soon as possible. Some of the most common mistakes include performing tasks outside of training and using the wrong equipment to try and solve problems - so why not give us a call and opt for appropriate situational items.

With a comprehensive report finding that the fatal injury rate within construction stands at 1.62 per 100,000 workers, there’s an added importance to implementing actionable rules and regulations. Currently this rate of fatal injury is around 4 times that of all industries - though one way to prevent danger is by setting strict conditions for all who enter the site. Be it individuals receiving comprehensive inductions, any minor issues being flagged and reported immediately or even the presence of signage and written guidance, there are implementable measures which can set a workplace culture of safety.

Site Condition

Site conditions can be the difference between a productive day for a workforce, and an unsafe experience, therefore staying on top of the general cleanliness, organisation and order gives you the best chance of avoiding accidents. Possible dangers include trip hazards such as dangling wires and cords, as well as combustible rubbish and the loss of important safety equipment or PPE. To avoid unnecessary hassle, you should organise any essential materials and tools in an orderly manner, paying attention to the usability of the site at both the beginning and end of the day. Routine cleaning of the working area can make a significant difference, streamlining activities and making for an overall more organised hub of activity.

The Importance Of Insurance

Insurance is a vital backup option for anyone working within a potentially dangerous environment, though with many different forms of insurance existing, and packages fluctuating in price and flexibility. Able to compensate the concerned individual(s) financially should anything occur under the conditions of the insurance, cover may include thorough assistance for those involved in a heavy machinery accident, workplace injury of any kind or even insurance which covers your belongings if they are somehow damaged while in the workplace. Though nobody invests in insurance actively looking for a payout, you should most certainly consider the benefit of insurance packages as an option in the worst case scenario.

Rocket Rentals: From Plant Hire To Tool Rental

Work with Rocket Rentals and you can have cutting edge equipment delivered right to your door or business premises - to use for as long as you need it. Let us know which products you require and how long you need them for, and we can supply them at an affordable price. We strive to keep our tools and machinery options well-maintained for a brand new feel every time, so whether you’re looking to hire a tool for a specific use and don’t want to buy it outright, or simply want to save money by renting instead, trust our Slimbridge-based professionals.

If you would like your equipment delivered or collected we have vehicles operating from our depot that provide a fast and efficient service. As an independent family run business, we have an extensive range of tools and equipment picks from the top brands, all available to hire for use in the construction industry, building trade or DIY. Any questions for our professionals? Contact the team today!

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