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Elevating Excellence: Unveiling the Diverse Applications of Articulating Boom Lifts

When it comes to access solutions, articulating boom lifts are some of the most reliable and convenient machines to use. From construction sites to film sets, utility maintenance to tree care – discover how these lifts elevate excellence across a spectrum of fields, reshaping the way we reach, build and innovate.

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What is an Articulating Boom Lift?

Also known as a cherry picker, an articulating boom lift is a versatile piece of equipment that is used in a wide variety of industries to provide access to elevated areas.

These machines consist of a base frame on four wheels, upon which there is an articulated arm (known as a jib) that holds a platform. These types of access lifts are easily recognisable by the articulated jib; this type design uses multiple pivot points, known as joints, on the boom sections to provide better height and reach.

This allows articulating boom lifts to offer up-and-over access, as opposed to simply height.

Their Array of Applications

Whilst these types of lifts are commonly used and associated with the construction industry, their range of uses is actually a lot more varied than you may originally think. Here are some of the different industries where they can be applied.

Arboriculture and Landscaping

Given the height and fragility that’s involved when working with trees, cherry pickers are incredibly useful to arboriculturists. They may use these when needing to prune and trim certain trees and their branches at various heights. Using a cherry picker offers an easy, efficient and safe way to do so.

As for landscaping projects, these lifts are great for pruning and maintaining both trees and tall shrubs, especially on private estates.

Film and Events Industry

Articulating boom lifts are used in film production to help with the setting up of lights and cameras at elevated positions. In a similar vein, they are also used when setting up stages, lighting and decorations for different events, such as concerts or award shows.

Emergency Operations

Not only do these lifts offer a safe access solution in a range of jobs, but they can also be used as a safe back-up measure in rescue operations. In emergency situations where people are stuck in an elevated and hard to reach location, cherry picker lifts are relied on to safely rescue them when other methods aren’t safe or possible.

Access Hire

If you’re in need of temporary access solutions, then look to us here at Rocket Rentals Ltd. From scissor lifts to cherry picker hire, we’ve got you covered.

View our range of articulating boom lifts to see which may be most suitable for your needs. Not only do we provide access lifts, but we also offer plant hire, if that’s a service you may also require.

Get in touch with us today to enquire about hiring one of our machines.

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