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Essential Construction Tools You Should Know

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

On every construction site you’ll find essential tools that keep operations running smoothly and make up a central part of the work process.

Here are some staple tools that construction workers would struggle to live without:

Hand drill

A popular tool used all over the world, hand drills are a cheap and easy way to create holes in different materials and bind materials together. Common types of drills include:

● Hammer drills - suitable for drilling materials other than concrete

● SDS drill - perfect for drilling concentre

● Cordless drill - commonly used for screw driving; you can use it on wood but not on concrete

Portable concrete mixer

A portable concrete mixer is a tool you’re bound to spot at any construction site. This handy machine helps the workers by providing fresh concrete at the worksite without the wait. Concrete mixers are undoubtedly a low-cost investment - workers use them to save time and maximise efficiency. All that’s required is cement, water, and an aggregate (gravel or sand).

Nail gun

Useful around the house and on worksites, nail guns help drive nails through wood and other types of material used in construction quickly. These tools feature different mechanisms that determine whether the gun will discharge multiple nails or not.

These four types of mechanisms are:

● the full sequential trigger

● contact trigger

● single sequential trigger

● single actuation trigger

Nail guns cause thousands of injuries each year, so it’s important workers are provided with sufficient training in how to handle them properly.

Claw hammer

A claw hammer is a handy construction tool that workers can rely on. With a claw-shaped tail that can be used to pull out nails or as a pry bar for demolition work, this hammer’s capabilities are further enhanced by a curved head that gives pulling leverage when pressed against a flat surface. This makes it useful for a number of different jobs.

Tile cutter

Particularly relevant to housing construction work, this tool is perfect for when tiles regularly need to be cut down to size to fit areas such as door frames, window shafts in bathrooms and kitchens, and irregular walls. Simple and easy to use, tile cutters are able to cut fragile materials like porcelain and ceramic carefully while reducing the risk of shattering.

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