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What are the Benefits of Generator Hire?

Have you ever considered getting a generator, but can’t justify the price of buying one when you can’t guarantee that you will even need to use it? If so, there is thankfully another option available to you - generator hire.

As upcoming outdoor events approach us (think winter wonderland, christmas markets and ice skating) sufficient power to keep these events running smoothly is of great importance. After all, no one wants to walk around a christmas market where the magical lights have fizzled out and their warming mulled wine is served cold. The driving force behind such festivities is none other than generator hire.

With the latest, cutting-edge generators under their belt, rental companies can give you access to a selection of generators to suit whatever requirements you have from it, whether you need it in an emergency, for a specific task, or can’t afford to buy one outright.

In this helpful guide, we list the reasons why it is beneficial to hire a generator compared to buying one.

1 | Cost Effective

In modern times, power cuts are a much rarer occurrence than they used to be, especially in the urban areas where many businesses are located. For this reason, purchasing a generator is almost redundant, and certainly not cost effective.

If you only plan on using a generator for a short term project, or require it simply in emergencies, then you will not get your money’s worth out of its limited usage. If the generator was being used daily, this would eventually break even the cost of investing in the generator in the first place, however this is not likely to happen, resulting in a loss of money (both initially and over time) that could have been invested elsewhere into your business.

There are also regular technological advancements that would potentially require you to replace your generator every so many years, which, on top of maintenance costs, would increase the overall expenditure you’d be paying towards your own generator.

Hiring a generator means you only have to pay for the use of the generator over the specific amount of time that you will actually be using it, so you are getting your full money’s worth and no extra costs will be incurred.

2 | No Maintenance

As aforementioned, if you buy your own generator, then you will have to pay for the upkeep of this generator whether you regularly use it or not. The proper maintenance of generators is extremely important to ensure that they are safe to use and comply with the necessary regulations. This can become rather costly and time-consuming, more so than it’s worth if the use you get out of the generator does not balance out the cost and inconvenience of keeping it.

If in the regular service and maintenance of your generator an issue is found, then this will create further costs in order to fix it, which will also leave your generator unusable in the period of time this takes.

By hiring a generator, you will not have to worry about maintenance expenditure, as this is all done by the provider. They understand the importance of a generator being in good working condition and safe to use, which is why they will keep their generators regularly maintained to a satisfactory standard, so you can rest assured that your hired generator will be reliable and effective.

3 | Guaranteed Quality

Because of the regular maintenance that providers carry out on their generators, when you hire one it is guaranteed that you will be receiving one that has been serviced and in a polished working condition.

Since technology and regulations are constantly evolving, you will have access to the most innovative, modern and efficient generators that are available. This is not the case if you buy your own generator; while it may be the best there is when you initially buy it, as time goes by many better generators will be out there, but since it is not cost-effective or feasible to regularly upgrade your generator, you will be stuck with an older, less efficient model.

4 | Ideal in Emergencies

Tool and plant rental companies understand the urgency with which people need power in emergency circumstances. This is why they will often have fast response and delivery times, with the hiring process being a quick and smooth affair, to ensure that you receive a generator as soon as possible.

Though it is useful to have your own backup generator in case of emergencies, since you cannot foresee when they will happen and this would allow you to generate power straight away, if power outages or issues are not common in your area, then this doesn’t warrant your own generator.

If you find yourself in an emergency where backup power is needed, hiring a generator will be the fastest and easiest solution to act on. The delivery and installation will be handled for you, and you will be guided on how to properly use the generator, so there is no need to prolong the time it takes to receive backup power by independently learning this.

Hire companies also tend to arrange transport themselves, ensuring a safe and efficient delivery directly to you, without the involvement of a third party that would otherwise allow for more potential delays and issues. They will also be trained in loading and unloading equipment safely, taking care to keep it in a pristine condition ready for your use.

5 | Quick Back Up

Access to a generator is vital in moments when more power is needed compared to what is already available, in both emergency and less urgent yet still unforeseen situations.

When hiring a generator, there are many different options available to you, so whether you need backup power for an outdoor event, a construction site or in hospitality, you will be able to gain access to a generator that best suits your needs in the event that backup power is needed.

Being the best and most reliable on the market, once your hired generator has been installed, power can then be generated straight away when it is needed, so you won’t have to worry about experiencing lengthy periods where power is unavailable.

6 | Expert Knowledge

The correct use of a generator requires expert knowledge, ensuring that everything is in safe, working order and the generator is being handled correctly. If you do not possess this technical knowledge yourself, then you will likely need to hire a qualified technician in this field to impart this knowledge for you. That is, when you’re buying a generator.

When you hire a generator, the rental company will offer their expert advice and guidance to you, detailing how you should correctly and efficiently use the generator, as well as informing you of the current health and safety regulations and how to ensure that you comply with these when using the generator.

Leading on from this, they will also take care of the necessary insurance and paperwork involved with running a generator for you, which is covered in the rental process, so there is no need to arrange your own, separate insurance for the generator.

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