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1 Tonne Micro Excavator
  • 1 Tonne Micro Excavator


    Electric 1 Tonne Micro Excavator.

    Width 710mm

    Weight 1201 kgs

    Length 2685mm

    Height 1490mm, folded down rops 1490mm.

    The E10e has a state-of-the-art Lithium-Ion, maintenance-free battery packs with an advanced management system, designed to fit within the standard machine envelope to maintain the machine’s ZTS profile.
    Following the daily working routine, the E10e can operate throughout a full 8-hour day, using operator breaks to recharge the batteries. Using an external super-charger functionality, the batteries can be recharged to 80% of battery capacity in around 1 hour. The battery can also be recharged overnight by using the on-board charger from a standard 230V grid. Plus, the new machine is easy to maintain and safe to operate – thanks to the exclusive use of low voltages, there is no need for operators to have special authorisation to work with the E10e.



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