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  • How flexible is Tool Hire?
    Tool hire from Rocket Rental can be extremely flexible, removing time constraints and giving you a service that is more tailored to your requirements. Flexible hire terms often mean a great value for money too and we offer discounts the more days you hire for.
  • Rotavator Hire - What does Rotavator Hire involve?
    Rotavators are primarily used to loosen soil, removing weeds and preparing soil for planting. Rotavator hire involves renting this heavy duty power tool at a competitive price for your very own garden project. We deliver the tool to you and can also collect once you are done.
  • Gardening Hire - Are there many benefits of gardening hire?
    Hiring equipment can have many benefits. Increased safety measures, low risks and no long-term investment are a few advantages. Additionally, hiring equipment is low maintenance and you will always get high quality machinery. Check our Rocket Rentals gardening machinery hire here.
  • Tool Rental - Is tool rental the best option in 2023?
    If you’re working with equipment that regularly needs updating or you do not have the facilities for large tools, then tool rental might be the best option for you. Find out more today.
  • Equipment Rental - Is Equipment Rental Expensive?
    Rental equipment can come in a variety of prices. Often, the price will depend on the number of hours/days you have used the machinery for. If you are feeling unsure, contact Rocket Rentals for quotes on our varied selection of equipment.
  • Scaffold Tower Hire - Which Tasks Are Likely To Require Scaffold Tower Hire?
    Scaffold hire is extremely common for building projects where safe working from height is required. Scaffold hire companies will carefully remove the scaffold after your project is finished, eliminating the need to store any equipment. Check out our scaffolding hire section for options.
  • Digger Hire - How Much Cheaper Is Digger Hire?
    Digger hire can range from about £150 to £200. Depending on the size and amount of machines you are looking for. Mini diggers can come in at about £160 a day, so planning your project and working out how many diggers you need is key. Find out more here and get in touch for an exact quote.
  • Power Washer Hire - Who Should Consider Power Washer Hire?
    Power washing is vital for commercial cleaning industries. From decks and patios to your roof or gutter, power washing is extremely effective. Hiring your power washer can be good for your business if you don’t want to commit to a full purchase.
  • Generator Hire - Why Is Generator Hire So Important?
    Generator hire can be extremely low maintenance and cost effective. Companies often use a generator to keep their business operations running smoothly and supply energy. Rocket Rental hires out both petrol and diesel generators.
  • Cement Mixer Rental - How Long Can A Cement Mixer Rental Period Be?
    Here at Rocket Rentals we are very flexible about our concrete cement mixer hire. You can discuss the length of your project and outline when and how long you will need the cement mixer for. We typically operate on day rates, with discounts for more days rented.
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