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Bell B20E Dump Truck
  • Bell B20E Dump Truck

    The B30E platform has been specifically engineered to handle future emissions requirements and take ADT innovation into the next era.

    Targeting fuel operating costs, the B30E features optimized engine power and fuel consumption with software that controls retardation, cooling and charging of accumulators. Other E-series improvements also include Allison transmissions and changing the front suspension to an A-frame layout for a more independent ride. This series has an automatically engaged inter-axle differential lock (IDL) which gives the truck full automatic traction control, and a sensor identifies when an axle loses traction and engages the IDL function.

    The Bell B30E has limited slip differentials in each axle so the cross locking of wheels is automatically achieved with no operator interaction. With Fleetm@tics® Onboard diagnostics as a standard feature, the system can store up to 72 hours of machine operation, and there are proactive advance warnings for the hydraulic system. Cab improvements include a full color screen and automotive mouse interface to control the sealed display unit. The Isringhausen seat has its own suspension and dampening system to reduce whole body vibration and deliver a more comfortable ride.

    Additional features include keyless ignition, HillAssist, Bin Tip Prevention, Auto Park Application, standard Turbo Spin Protection and standard On-Board Weighing.



    Product Specifications

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