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2023 Guide To Rotavator Hire And More | Rocket Rentals

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Rotavator Hire And More: A Guide To Land Preparation Equipment

Agriculture is one of the most important industries in The United Kingdom, and if you’re reading this blog, the likelihood is that you’ll be looking to attain not only a good yield, but also good profits from everyday farming activities. An absolute requirement on the road to achieving this is being in possession of the correct equipment – as well as the correct knowhow to adequately prepare the land in question. There are plenty of ways to ensure your turf is properly maintained in anticipation of a premium yield, and within this article, we’ll take you through the various hire equipment to consider. From cultivators and rotavators to planters and a sturdy tractor, let Rocket Rentals lay down the foundations for your success in 2023.


The Importance Of Preparation

The primary aim of land preparation is to provide the best soil conditions for crops, so they can flourish and achieve optimal growth, yield and survival. When done correctly, this process not only enhances the harvest, but also greatly assists in controlling crop disease and pest invasion. Far from being a simple process, preparing agricultural land from scratch involves many stages of preparation and clearing, of which the many stages require specific equipment. Searching for plant rental or access tower hire? We’re just a click away.

Soil ripping, digging and ploughing are merely scratching the surface, while land levelling and weed clearing will also of course be of vital importance. First and foremost, initial land clearing requires the removal of existing surfaces, be it bushes, boulders or other obstructions. After disposing of the surface-level obstructions, land is broken to produce a workable bed, and from here, there’s a wider array of choice for you to prepare the land as you please with hired options from Rocket Rentals.

Equipment Overview

Looking to temporarily hire equipment and ease your reliance on faulty machinery or manual work? We’ve outlined below just a few of the primary machinery requirements for a tillage preparation job - and Rocket Rentals can ensure your extensively checked equipment is ideal for your particular task.


The tractor is a common tool in agriculture, and is available in a variety of sizes to accommodate all types of farming operation. A tractor's main function is to pull farm machinery, although contemporary tractors can be customised with a wide range of attachments to meet practically any farming demand - soil preparation included. Tractors are therefore rational investments for both small and large-scale farms.


A plough is a sizable tractor attachment that drags behind the tractor and carves furrows in the soil with its long specially shaped blades. This procedure not only rotates and loosens the soil but also aids in removing any unwanted surface vegetation such as weeds. Ploughing is a crucial first step even if the soil needs to go through numerous further processes before it is ready for planting.


Harrowing intensifies the agitation of the soil surface after ploughing, to ready it for agricultural activities. To facilitate the rooting and growth of new plants, these attachments disperse crop and weed leftovers, breaking up soil clumps as they go, and levelling the soil's surface. After applying fertiliser and manure, harrows can be employed to break up clumps and spread the fertiliser more evenly.


The Rotavator is a useful instrument that produces even the most difficult conditions. A rotavator functions by combining a tried-and-true blade design with a high rotor speed, smoothing a surface with ease. One of the most crucial pieces of agricultural equipment for changing hard soil and giving surfaces a smooth structure, these additions create a good quality of seedbed by mixing the soil until it is fine enough for sowing.​


Used most often to agitate the soil around a crop as it ages, in order to encourage development and get rid of weeds, the cultivator is required when working with many different types of soil. Cultivators are deployed frequently when weed control is crucial. These are seen in smaller farming operations and are used for shallow tilling. Not sure if the situation calls for a cultivator? Don’t be reluctant to ask us questions!

The Benefits Of Plant Rental

Among the many perks, renting equipment and vehicles for your farming needs, you are granted an extra level of flexibility, as you don’t own the tools and plant options as such. Equipment hire can evolve as your business does, while the lack of a high purchase cost means you will have greater control over your financial resources. Renting from a reputable company such as Rocket Rentals means your projects will always be equipped with the latest equipment - granting far less chance of tools breaking or malfunctioning on-site. Unlike with your own tools and equipment, the responsibility to regularly check, service and maintain the equipment falls on the rental company, ensuring that the tools you’re using will always be in a good functioning condition.

Unfortunately, one of the major downsides of buying your own equipment is that it depreciates in value from the minute you make the purchase. Fortunately for our customers, by choosing to hire, agricultural and construction companies are protected from the depreciation of equipment value. As new models become available, you can simply hire them for your next job. What’s more, there is no need to worry about equipment storage during slower months or as a result of infrequent work, as hired equipment can be arranged for delivery and collection as and when required. This allows you to properly allocate finances and save money on storage costs.

Safety And Recommended Use

Compared to other farm incidents, those involving tractors and similar machinery cause significantly more fatalities and serious injuries annually than anything else. It is crucial that everyone using a hired tractor or other vehicle is fully outfitted, trained, and ready to professionally operate our equipment - while also taking the appropriate safety and health precautions to remain safe. Ultimately it is our goal to safeguard the safety and wellbeing of each and every one of our employees and clients, therefore for your use of rental equipment, we are delighted to offer PPE as well as recommendations for correct equipment dependent on your project requirements.

Rocket Rentals: From Excavator Hire To Cleaning Rentals

Our extensive range of rental machinery includes mini digger hire, dumper hire, access hire, cherry picker hire, micro digger hire, roller hire and much more. We specialise in the supply of machinery that offers safety, security and ease of operation to ensure that our clients get the very best value for their money. We take pride in the reputation of excellence we have established amongst our loyal customer-base thanks to our exceptional quality of service. What’s more, health and safety is an integral part of everything we do, with all hire fleet items checked by our team of Engineers prior to delivery. You can trust us for a seamlessly safe service, regardless of hire conditions.

All of our plant rental machinery is available on a weekly hire basis at highly competitive prices, allowing you to make substantial savings that would have otherwise been spent on the cost of buying the equipment outright. We operate within a 50 mile radius, providing our services to customers in Gloucester, Cirencester, Bristol, Oxford and Swindon too - so why not contact us today, and see why we’re so highly-rated by those we work with.

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