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4 Ways Rocket Rentals Can Help Your Construction Business

When it comes to your construction business, no matter your area of expertise, there are always a million and one things to consider. From project schedules and manpower to material acquisition and equipment, it’s safe to say that it is no easy trade.

As well as dealing with the main project, construction work involves a lot of thinking on your feet, problem solving and dealing with issues as and when they arise. In any industry of this nature, building relationships you can rely on is crucial.

This trust may be between you and your clients, your material suppliers or anyone else that you have a professional relationship with. Here at Rocket Rentals, we pride ourselves on being your reliable hire service.

Here are 5 ways we can help your construction business.

Plant Rental

Certain elements are absolutely essential for building sites of any kind and, when it comes to sizable construction projects, larger machines such as rollers, excavators and dumpers are often crucial. As purchasing, storing and maintaining this equipment is incredibly expensive we are happy to offer top-quality, reliable plant hire.

All of our equipment, including portable welfare cabins, trailers and generators are available for hire by the week, so you’ll only pay for the time you need them for!

Tool Hire

Similarly to large plant equipment, purchasing tools outright isn’t always a financially viable option. For certain tools that are only needed on specific projects, our tool hire service is the best choice.

We are pleased to offer tool rental covering a range of different equipment types. From cleaning and floor care to cutting and grinding and everything in between, we’ve got you covered.

Access Hire

Of course, not all work takes place at ground level and it is important to carry out projects at height safely. In addition to our plant and tool rental services, we also offer access hire options such as articulating boom and scissor lifts.


Finally, if you find yourself renting the same equipment over and over again, you may question whether or not purchasing the kit for yourself is a good idea. In this instance, we are happy to offer a selection of used excavation equipment to our customers.

This is perfect for those looking to make a commitment to a piece of equipment without paying brand new prices for it.

Here at Rocket Rentals, we are always more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our plant and tool rental, material handling or re-sale services.

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