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A Beginner’s Guide To Scissor Lifts

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

One of many practical options supplied by the Rocket Rentals team, scissor lifts may not immediately be a utility you’re familiar with, but these recognisable access hire options are useful within a range of contexts, from building sites and industrial settings to everyday streets. If you’re unsure of how these rental utilities work, read ahead and consult this comprehensive guide, including everything from the various sizes, how scissor lifts make a selection of tasks significantly easier, and how acquiring them on a temporary basis can save you plenty of money.

Scissor lift

Usage Explained

Infinitely useful, scissor lifts come in a wide range of sizes, and are most commonly used across the access industry. From those with smaller platforms to larger deck sizes, aerial man lifts are used commonly for interior work jobs like ceiling construction, sign hanging, and other maintenance projects. They have a lower platform height than other boom lifts and often reach as high as 20 to 50 feet at max height, making them a useful tool in assorted contexts, though still easy to manoeuvre due to their compactness. For anything higher than the measurements specified, you'll probably want to look into other aerial platforms like boom lifts or telescopic lifts, but from adjusting lighting to rectifying damage on a ceiling, these lifts are the premium choice.

Sizes And Models

Choosing the correct scissor lift for your job is important - for example, working on a sloped area with an electric scissor lift perhaps wouldn’t yield the same benefits of using a diesel scissor scissor lift option. Keen to help you pick the appropriate lift for your function, when hiring a machine from Rocket Rentals, we’ll consider the conditions of your site, pairing you up with the correct machine for the job. Having the option of movability within smaller electric scissor lifts helps with those tighter areas, while all of our rental scissor lifts are manufactured by Genie®, therefore containing on-board diagnostics to help operators troubleshoot on the fly and make adjustments in the field to maximize uptime.

Ideal For Your Task

With large platforms to accommodate both people and materials, scissor lifts are popular for manufacturing and industrial projects. Providing much more stability than a ladder, these machines provide a safe and reliable environment for workers to complete projects from height. Effortlessly adaptable, these machines are great for locations including but not limited to:

● Schools

● Retail settings

● Construction sites

● Hospitals

● Warehouses

● Churches and places of worship

Affordable Hire

Affordable lift hire is actually quite simple to explain, in that you will normally choose the tool or piece of equipment you require from us, and then arrange how long you need it for in tandem. You can schedule a contract that offers one price for a set period of time, or agree on a daily price that you will be charged for every day you have the lift in your possession. One of the main benefits of hiring tools instead of buying them is that it is not an investment. High-quality tools usually cost a lot of money, and with outright hire you won’t need to worry about this OR repair costs.

At Rocket Rentals we are committed to providing our clients with a diverse range of plant rental equipment to accommodate the needs of construction sites, personal projects or DIY endeavours. Alongside digger and telehandler hire, our extensive fleet includes excavator hire, forklift hire, dumper hire, roller hire and much more. Contact today and meet your plant rental needs..

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