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Buying vs. Hiring Construction Tools

Construction tools can be expensive, particularly if you’re purchasing multiple tools at once. This is one of the biggest issues that people have when deciding what to get and when to get it. However, there is another option if you don’t want to buy. You can always look at hiring the equipment you want.

Read more for some further information on the benefits of different options in hiring or buying construction tools.

How Much Will You Use the Tool?

The first thing to look at is whether or not you’re going to use this tool for a one-time project or if you’ll likely use it continuously over time. Most construction hires allow you to rent for a week and if you will end up using the tool for several weeks, it ends up being cheaper to just purchase it.

However, if this is a speciality tool that you need this once and will likely never use again, then hiring it is the best option. You will get the results you want and then can move on to other projects.

Judge the Cost

Sometimes, you need a large construction tool and simply cannot afford it. Even if you would eventually buy the tool, you can start out by hiring it when you really need it. If you are doing multiple projects where you’ll need the same tool, plan ahead and get everything ready. Then hire it for a week and to use it on all of the projects. You can finish them up later, but get the most out of the tool while you have it. This is a great way to save money until you can eventually purchase what you need.

Hire to Try a Tool

Another reason to opt for tool rental is to determine which one works best for you. There are multiple tools out there for the same type of work, such as sanding. You may want to try out several sanders before determining which works best for your needs. This is a good reason to merely hire them and once you’ve tested everything and are ready to purchase, you can spend your money on the best tool.

Hiring construction tools is often the best way to save money, particularly if you need something that is heavier and more expensive. Whether you intend to purchase the tool eventually or simply want to use it this one time, you will find that it’s a cost-effective method of getting the job done.

Get in Touch

Looking for tool hire? Contact Rocket Rentals for more information on our catalogue and options for equipment rental. Get in touch today by calling us on 01453 51 94 51 or send us an email at and one of our team will get back to you.

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