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Can I Save Money With Tool Rental? Your Questions Answered

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Since humanity’s origins, the use of tools has been a key facet of everyday survival. Early humans began to utilise stones to carry out basic tasks, where sharp and blunt tools were created for precision applications. Since these primitive beginnings, our knowledge and understanding of tools has helped us to become the dominant species on Earth, where we can now manufacture anything we can dream of using all kinds of machinery.

On a commercial and industrial level, tools facilitate a wide range of building projects, from the construction of buildings to the laying of electrical cables. Plumbing, scaffolding, landscaping and decorating all require specialist equipment to get the job done right, where construction teams will want to ensure that they can access these tools whilst staying on budget.

One way this can be achieved is through tool rental, which can provide your construction team with a wide selection of tools at a manageable cost. Read on to learn more about tool rental and how it could help you to save money throughout your project.

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How You Can Save With Tool Rental

There are a number of different ways you could save money with tool rental, where various financial benefits are discussed below:

Avoid Upfront Costs

Professional tools of all kinds can be expensive, especially if you’re looking for specialist or heavy duty equipment. Renting your tools provides you with a more cost effective alternative to paying upfront, where you can simply pay for however long you need the tool for. This typically works out cheaper than making a permanent investment in a piece of equipment for a short term project.

Repairs & Maintenance

When using tools for a professional project, it’s important that they’re properly serviced and maintained to ensure the safety of your team. These repairs and maintenance checks can be expensive if you own the tools yourself, but if you’re renting, then your tool hire company should take care of these costs on your behalf. This means that your equipment can remain at a high standard without affecting your budget.

Storage Costs

Tools can be difficult to store correctly, particularly if they are heavy or cumbersome in shape. Storage also needs to be appropriately weatherproofed to protect your tools from rust or water damage. Fortunately, hiring your tools means that you can depend on your rental company for long term tool storage. This can help you to save money overall in addition to saving on storage space.

Choosing The Right Tool

Sometimes it can be difficult to know what tool will be best for your construction project, meaning it is not always beneficial to purchase one piece of equipment outright. Tool rental allows you to shop around before making a permanent investment, so you can make the right choice for your project without breaking the bank.

Expert Advice

Going it alone with tool purchasing can lead you to make errors of judgement, whilst hiring from the professionals means that you have direct access to expert advice across the entire process. This means you can choose your tools accurately and use them safely, where both of these approaches can help to save you money in the long run.

Tool Hire From Rocket Rentals: From Tile Saws to Hammer Drill Hire

At Rocket Rental, we offer a wide variety of tools to suit your project requirements, where our hire services can help to save you money whilst allowing you to access the equipment you need. Our range includes:

Gardening & Landscaping

Rocket Rentals can provide you with all the tools you need to deliver high quality gardening and landscaping services. Our lawn mower range consists of both ride on and smaller models to help you tackle any space. We also offer leaf blowers, hedge trimmers and other tools to cultivate a tidy and attractive outdoor area.

Lifting & Handling

We offer a wide range of lifting and handling tools to help you to manage equipment and kickstart the construction process. This includes everything from easy to handle wheelbarrows to more heavy duty beam lifting equipment. Our pallet trucks can also help with deliveries and indoor organisation of goods.

Plumbing & Mechanical

If you’re offering professional plumbing or mechanical services, then you will need a wide range of high quality tools to get the job done effectively. We can provide you with pipe benders and saws to help with a range of plumbing applications, in addition to more high tech equipment such as drain cameras, used to detect and diagnose blockages.

Painting & Decorating

Rocket Rentals is also the place to look for all your painting and decorating tools, where these are required to manage resources such as wallpaper, paint and glues. Choose from our selection of wallpaper stripping equipment and paddle mixers, or choose a heat gun for all your decorative needs.

Drills, Saws & Breakers

We can provide a range of high quality tools to help you handle all your drilling, breaking and sawing needs. Choose from our selection of hammer drills, tile saws and breakers for your next project, where we have the specialist equipment to help you to manage the task at hand.

Woodworking & Sanding

Working with wood means that you’ll require a variety of specialist equipment in order to achieve your desired finish. Our broad range of sanders can help you to complete your project to a high standard, whilst additional tools such as door trimmers and dust care systems can deliver a professional finish every time.

Lighting & Power

If you’re working on a busy construction site, you will have a range of complex lighting and power needs that will need to be met with the help of specialist tools. We can provide you with all the lights you need to carry out your work safely, including floodlights and spotlights, where we also supply transformers and extension leads.

Tool Hire Tips

Tool hire can help to simplify your project whilst saving you money, but it is also important to consider your safety and insurance requirements throughout this process.


Construction and professional tools can be hazardous if used incorrectly, where you should consider the following safety tips before embarking on any work:

Wear appropriate protective clothing - where this includes hard hats, steel capped boots, safety glasses and high visibility outerwear

Undergo appropriate training - all team members should undergo significant training before handling unfamiliar equipment

Check tools thoroughly - always inspect your hired tools before use for potential signs of wear and tear to avoid hazards later on

Proper site management - keep your site secure if you’re using heavy duty tools, where this should include appropriate barrier installation and sound proofing

At Rocket Rentals, safety is our top property, where we regularly invest in new tools that feature the latest safety updates and protections. All our tools are checked by our engineering team before they reach your site and we carry out regular services in accordance with official legislation.

Part of our commitment to safety involves our smooth delivery and transportation services, where our equipment is always stored and unloaded with appropriate care and attention. We also have an extensive range of personal protective equipment on offer for our customers to hire, where we can advise on what you will need for your project.


If you’re hiring tools for your construction project then you will need to think about what insurance policies you have in place. Specific insurance policies are available for hired tools and equipment, where these can provide you with liability cover in case you are required to pay damages to your rental company. This also covers you for potential loss of hire fees, which your rental service may charge you if your tools are not returned in good enough condition to be let out to new customers.

Rocket Rentals: Tools, Plant Machinery & Access Hire To Suit Your Project Needs

At Rocket Rentals, we can provide you with a wide array of specialist & everyday commercial tools for your next project, alongside our selection of plant machinery and access tower hire options. Get in touch today to find out more about our extensive product range.

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