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Commercial Landscaping: Essential Design & Planning Tips

There’s so much more to landscaping than planting bulbs and mowing the lawn. Unlike domestic gardeners and hobbyists, commercial landscapers handle projects on a massive scale, where the results must cater to the demands of the public and private sectors.


Council buildings, banks, office blocks and restaurants are just some of the commercial hubs that may require landscaping services. These venues can feature copious outdoor space, where this needs to be sculpted, cultivated and maintained in line with company values. As such, commercial landscaping projects need to be approached conscientiously.


Read on for some essential design and planning tips intended to help commercial landscapers to achieve an impressive end result.

modern office block and landscaped surroundings

Practical Design

The initial stage of the landscaping process involves planning and design, where it is vital that this is approached with practicality in mind. Although aesthetics are important, commercial spaces need to be usable, so it is essential to consider access requirements and versatility when drawing up initial ideas.


Most businesses today are prioritising sustainability when it comes to developing their brand identity, something that can be promoted through the company grounds. Planting can be used to attract local wildlife, lawns can be left to grow freely, and materials can be sourced from local manufactures to create an environmentally friendly space.

Irrigation Plans

All gardens need water, so it is essential to come up with a workable irrigation plan at the design stage. Think about how you can keep your landscape hydrated with minimal effort, where automated watering can help with this. You can also put plants with similar hydration needs near each other in your borders, where this will help to simplify the watering process.

Tool Hire

When preparing for a big landscaping project, it is important to consider where you will source all your required equipment. Tool hire can allow you to access specialist machinery on a short term basis, a great way to complete your project on a budget. Tool hire companies can also offer expert advice on which mowers, trimmers and rollers are best suited to your requirements.

Rocket Rentals: Landscaping Equipment Hire For Your Project

At Rocket Rentals, we can provide you with all the tools and equipment you need to complete your commercial landscaping project. We supply a variety of mowers, as well as hedge trimmers, stump grinders and lawn aerators, where all our equipment is regularly serviced and deep cleaned.


For domestic projects, we can also supply you with gardening rentals, including manual mowers and small tools. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our full equipment and tool hire range.

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