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DIY Delights: An Overview Of Domestic Gardening Hire

Your home is a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of daily life, where regular retreats into this safe haven can help you to handle the demands of the modern world. Whether you love to cook, clean or simply sit quietly, a home has to provide you with the space to both live practically and unwind fully.

One way you can facilitate this is through a rejuvenation of your outdoor space. A garden makeover can help you to create a new area to sit, as well as spaces for vegetable planting, flower borders and features of architectural interest.

A tool and plant hire service can help you to get all the equipment you need to complete your garden DIY project at a low cost. Read on to find out more about the high quality and various domestic gardening hire options available from Rocket Rentals.

Small excavator

Plant Hire For Your Garden Project: From Mower Hire To Mini Excavators

When you think of plant machinery, heavy duty construction equipment may be the first thing that comes to mind. But you can also get your hands on smaller and more manageable plant vehicles for the completion of a range of domestic gardening projects. These useful pieces of equipment can include:


A mini digger or excavator is the perfect tool for a wide range of construction and landscaping projects at home. With a range of attachments to choose from, excavators can be adapted to suit your DIY tasks, where options include buckets and breakers.

Mini excavators can be steered into tight corners, whilst still being fitted out with all-terrain treads which allow for light manoeuvring across soft ground. These can then be used for a wide range of tasks, including relocating soil, removing debris and clearing snow build ups.


A roller is another sturdy piece of construction equipment that is available in a range of sizes to suit domestic projects. Choose from larger sit-on drum rollers or the smaller pedestrian variety which is designed so that the user can walk behind it for precision applications.

Small and pedestrian rollers work in the same way as larger varieties, where they are designed to flatten and compact various types of ground. This can be useful if you are laying paving stones or landscaping your outdoor space.


Traditionally used for large scale agricultural tasks, the tractor is a multi-purpose vehicle that can be sized down to suit a variety of domestic purposes. Like the excavator, its attachments allow it to be adapted for lots of different tasks, where these can include lawn mowing, hedge cutting and debris clearance.

Scissor Lifts

Another piece of equipment traditionally found on a large construction site, a compact scissor lift can also come in handy in a domestic setting. If you’re working at height in the garden, then it may be safer and more practical to use a lift rather than a ladder. Various applications can include tree trimming, fencing repairs or even the construction of a tree house.

Tool Hire For Your Garden Project: From Stump Clearance To Lawn Cultivation

Alongside machinery hire, you may also wish to equip yourself with some essential tools to assist with your garden makeover. It can help to plan ahead when carrying out an outdoor project so that you have all the vital tools to hand before you make a start. Some useful items may include:

Gardening & Landscaping Tools

This is the main category of tool that you may wish to get hold of for your gardening project, where this includes smaller lawnmowers that may be more appropriate for your space than a tractor attachment. Other key gardening and landscaping tools include:

Lawn aerator - where this makes small holes in your turf to allow air, water and nutrients to reach the roots of your grass

Stump grinder - this allows you to break up and then remove stubborn tree stumps from your garden

Garden chipper - this tool breaks down solid pieces of wood into more workable chips or chunks

Strimmer - where this can be used to cut down hedgerows or manage large expanses of overgrown garden

Leaf blower - this vital domestic tool helps you to remove leaves from your space to tidy your lawn or to prepare for new installations

Fence post rammer - this tool is designed to help you drive a fence post into the ground so it remains secure

Painting & Decorating Tools

Even working outside the house, you may need a variety of tools engineered to help you with painting and decorating tasks. This could include a Tyrolean machine, which is designed to help you apply roughcast material on both your inside and outside walls. Other decorating essentials such as a paddle mixer and heat gun can help you to fix new wall hangings, paint fences and revitalise your garden furnishings.

Woodworking & Sanding Tools

If you’re working with authentic wooden surfaces in your garden, then you may require a selection of sanding tools to help you get the job done. These can be useful for stripping decking or fence posts of their existing finishes before applying a fresh coat of paint. If you’re building your own fence or garden shed, then these tools will be required to achieve a professional result.

Why You Should Plan A Garden Makeover

It can be difficult to find the time for a full garden makeover, but improving your outdoor space can bring with it a number of benefits beyond mere aesthetic value. Some of these could include:

Increasing Your Property’s Value

Your garden is a vital asset when it comes to increasing the value of your property. Prospective buyers will prefer the garden to already be well-maintained, where a building surveyor will always notice if your space includes any dangerous overhanging branches or invasive weed species, where this could affect your ability to sell at a high price.

Providing You With A Lifelong Hobby

You won’t know if you love the gardening lifestyle until you give it a go. Working on your outdoor space may encourage you to embrace one of the UK’s most popular pastimes, where gardening can help you to stay agile and energetic into your retirement years.

Creating A Space For Wellness

It is broadly recognised that being outdoors is beneficial for our mental wellbeing, where you can use your garden renovation project as an opportunity to produce a dedicated space for relieving stress and recentering yourself. Aromatic planting and soothing water features can help you to cultivate a purposeful garden designed to boost your overall wellness levels.

Expanding Your Home

A revamped garden can function as an extension to your property, where your space could consist of an outdoor dining and seating area, as well as an area for fitness. A shed or summerhouse can also act as a home office or an additional storage space, allowing you to declutter your main property whilst making the most of the garden.

Supporting Local Wildlife

In addition to the various financial and wellness benefits of conducting a garden makeover, you can also lend a helping hand to your local wildlife. Wildflower planting, bird boxes and bug hotels can all provide vital support to your local ecosystem, benefiting both your plants and the wider environment.

Rocket Rentals: Plant Rental Services For Your Garden Makeover

At Rocket Rentals, we can equip you with all the tools and machinery you need to conduct a full garden makeover. We believe that hiring your equipment is much more beneficial than buying your own, where our rental contracts can help you to avoid upfront costs and try out a range of tools without making a big financial commitment.

In addition to supplying you with all you need for a home garden project, we also offer a wide range of resources to much larger construction sites. Choose from a range of security equipment, compressor tools and lighting resources for your large scale project, where we can also provide hammer drill hire and portable welfare cabins.

Contact us directly today to find out more about our plant and tool hire services, or visit our health and safety page to learn how we take care of our employees and equipment.

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