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Essential Equipment & Machinery to Hire for Outdoor Events

Putting together an outdoor event requires a lot of extensive planning and preparation to ensure that everything runs smoothly and the event can be enjoyed as intended by all attendees. When it comes to the physical logistics of putting together and running such an event, whether that be a festival, summer fair or outdoor cinema night, there are certain pieces of equipment and machinery that are indispensable.

Keep reading as we discuss some examples of the essential equipment and machinery you should consider hiring for your outdoor event and how they could be of use.

1 | Utility Vehicles

Utility vehicles are convenient, versatile and useful to have to hand at any outdoor event. Their off-road capabilities allow you to get to any area of the site easily and quickly, allowing you to transport equipment, supplies or even personnel to designated areas both when setting up and during the event.

They also allow you to attend any urgent matters quickly, so that these can be resolved promptly and ensure that the event continues to run as smoothly as possible.

2 | Scissor Lifts

Although they should still only be used on even ground, scissor lifts can be used outside - specifically rough terrain scissor lifts. Their main purpose is to allow access to heights, which makes them great for setting up large scale event signage (such as temporary billboards), as well as setting up stages, lighting and sound systems.

Not only are they convenient to use in this way, but they also make for a safe solution, offering personnel a stable, enclosed platform to stand on whilst carrying out necessary work tasks.

3 | Tractors

Many outdoor events take place in fields or on farmland, making tractors a great piece of machinery to have on standby for various tasks.

There are a multitude of tasks they could be used for, including ground preparation prior to the event, towing large and/or heavy equipment across the site or even as a form of transport for attendees by towing them from the designated car park to the event site in a trailer.

4 | Generators

The last piece of equipment we’ll be mentioning is absolutely imperative to have at your outdoor event: generators. Since access to power sources is often limited in outdoor locations - especially rural locations - generator hire is the ideal solution to meet your energy needs.

From lighting and sound systems to food trucks and fair rides, it’s likely that there will be a number of elements within your event that will require a power source. Generators are the most reliable solution for offering just that, as they can be positioned wherever is most convenient on-site and come in a variety of sizes and capacities to accommodate your electrical output needs.

Plant Hire at Rocket Rentals

Whatever you require to assist your outdoor event, whether that be plant machinery or access hire, we’ve got you covered here at Rocket Rentals.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your hire options.

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