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Essential Floor Care Tools & Their Everyday Applications

If you’re renovating a property, then it usually makes sense to start from the ground up. Inspecting the foundations and the condition of the surrounding soil can help you to assess exactly what you have to work with, and what steps you need to take going forward. You can then check the quality of your structural supports, walls and ceilings to ensure that everything is in good condition.


Once the exterior of your property is secure, the next step is to head inside and work on the interior. For intensive refurbishments, your work will start with the flooring, where you may need to peel back tiles, carpets and floorboards to see what’s going on underneath.


If you're restoring your floors, then there are several essential tools that you may wish to hire to make the process easier. Read on to find out more about some of the most important floor care tools, with a look at how they can be used for home refurbishments.

man using a floor buffer

Floor Buffers

Floor buffers and polishers are a useful tool for improving the quality of hardwood floors. These machines feature rotating brushes that move across the floor, removing debris to leave behind an attractive shine. They can also be used to restore tile, concrete and marble flooring to its former glory.

Sanding Equipment

Sanding tools are useful if you need to prepare your flooring for refinishing. These machines are designed to remove layers from the existing floor, where this can help to smooth out an uneven surface or remove an old varnish from hardwood. Sanders can also come in handy for levelling out uneven floors as part of the refurbishment process.

Carpet Cleaners

Sometimes you will want to preserve your carpets as part of your refurbishment work, where they can be carefully restored with the help of a carpet cleaner. These machines combine water, cleaning agents and suction power to remove deeply ingrained dirt from the carpet, transforming its appearance with a single use.

Surface Grinders

For more heavy duty floor care, you may need to hire a surface grinder. These can be used for levelling out concrete or stone floors, where they typically utilise rotating discs to grind down the surface to a desired level of smoothness.

Rocket Rentals: Tool Hire Services For Any Project

At Rocket Rentals, we can provide you with all the equipment you need to refurbish your property, particularly if you’re looking for floor care machinery. We offer floor buffer rental, sanding hire and much more - simply get in touch today to enquire about our full tool range.

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