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Essential Garden and Landscaping Tips for 2023

If your garden is looking a little worse for the wear, it might be time to give it some TLC. The New Year is the perfect time to renovate your garden and grounds.

Read on to discover some essential garden and landscaping tips that will brighten up your outdoor living spaces in no time at all.

Embrace your inner maximalist

2023 will continue to witness the resurgence of maximalism, and this applies to our gardens too. It’s time to start thinking about adding a pop of colour and a variety of tones and textures to your outdoor living space. You’ll have to find the perfect balance between creating a look that appears intentional vs general messiness - but if it pays off, the effect will be stunning.

Bring back the classics

Classic plants like roses, lilac, hydrangea, and hollyhock are set to make a big comeback. If you want your garden to mimic your favourite period drama, consider using these flowers to add an elegant touch. Don’t forget to add ornate birdbaths, flowing archways and picturesque seating to complement the overall look.

Take a sustainable approach

Implementing sustainable practices within landscape design helps tackle climate change and make our properties more eco friendly.

Here’s some things you can do that will benefit the environment:

● Use recycled concrete and other materials to reduce unnecessary waste of natural resources.

● Embed a rock garden - this is a visually appealing arrangement that contains carefully placed drought-resistant rocks and hardy plants.

● Take good care of soil - prevent soil erosion by turning to natural solutions such as rain gardens, dry creek bed and French drains.

● Grow and protect native plants - this reduces the use of lots of fertilisers, pesticides, and other forms of chemical maintenance

● Keep existing trees well maintained and plant new ones.

Swap your lawn for a meadow

This year, make the decision to grow your lawn into a meadow. Meadows support pollinators, don’t require harmful chemicals or mowing, and there are no strict rules for how they should be done.

Create a sanctuary garden

As trends based on health and wellbeing have soared in popularity over the past year, 2023 could see you create a mindfulness and tranquillity space in your garden for you to feel reflective and peaceful. You could designate an area to practise yoga and meditation and add flowing water features and soothing colours, as well as plenty of flowers and foliage to help you reconnect with nature.

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