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Everything You Need to Know About Aerial Work Platforms

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Aerial work platforms are used by thousands of workers everyday to complete a variety of jobs. Find out everything you need to know in this informative blog.

What is an aerial work platform?

Aerial lifts offer similar assistance to forklifts, but instead they carry people and products. Also known as AWPs, these lifts provide useful alternatives to ladders and scaffolding when workers need to complete tasks at great heights. With the help of aerial lifts, your crew has a mobile, secure, and elevated platform they can use for working at great heights. Beyond transporting heavy materials, common applications of aerial lifts include conducting maintenance and painting.

When are aerial work platforms used?

● Construction - construction sites that require intense detail and/or focused work in high places make great use of aerial lifts.

● Agriculture - aerial lifts still help harvest crops, but also help maintain the foliage around residential trees.

● Warehouses - in many cases, AWPs, such as the scissor lift, offer an efficient and effective way for workers to evaluate or retrieve inventory stored on the higher shelves.

● Telecommunications - AWPs, such as boom lifts, offer a safe working platform that provides the flexible mobility required to gain access to power lines (without compromising safety).

● General maintenance

What types of aerial work platforms are available?

● Spider lifts - this type of lift is made with a long arm on four legs, giving it a spider-like appearance. These lifts are commonly used in outdoor areas that may be surrounded by trees, landscaping, homes or buildings.

● Articulating boom lifts - boom lifts have baskets at the ends of their extendable arms. They’re easily manoeuvrable around obstacles and have multiple hinges along their arms, allowing operators to bend them around objects in their way.

● Telescopic boom lifts - these lifts feature a straight arm with the ability to extend outward and rise to high areas. Telescopic boom lifts are better for use in open work environments due to their limited manoeuvrability.

● Scissor lifts - these lifts feature a basket that extends straight upward from their compact base. These lifts don’t provide as much manoeuvrability as even telescopic boom lifts but are still used widely to conduct various tasks related to warehouses, construction sites, and maintenance work.

● Cherry picker - cherry pickers are built on vehicles with wheels and made with a long arm. They are known generally as aerial lifts.

At Rocket Rentals, we provide a number of aerial platforms, from cherry picker hire to articulating boom lifts. From digger hire to cordless drill hire, we have a fantastic selection of products available to meet all your construction needs. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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