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Everything You Need To Know About Tool Hire

Updated: May 31, 2023

Tool hire is the best way to get the equipment you need without going through the stress of buying it. People up and down the country hire tools all the time, even as simple as borrowing a hammer from a neighbour to fix something in your home. The main reason for doing so is that often it’s not convenient for you to own the tool, but it is easy enough to rent it out for a short period of time. So here is a guide to everything you need to know about tool hire.

How Does Tool Hire Work?

Tool hire is actually quite simple to explain. You normally will choose the tool or piece of equipment you want from a company, and then arrange how long you need it for. You can usually find contracts that offer one price for a set period of time, or a daily price that you will be charged for every day you have the tool in your possession. Once the terms have been agreed, you can go pick up your tool or wait for it to be delivered to your premises. After you are done with the tool, you can return it or arrange for its collection. If you keep the tool for longer than agreed upon, you may be charged late fees or interest until it is returned. Tool hire is a great way to stay within budget, working to your requirements.

Benefits of Hiring tools

One of the main benefits of hiring tools instead of buying them is it’s not an investment. High-quality tools usually cost a lot of money, money that you may not have available to you at this time. If your budget can’t stretch to buying the equipment, hiring it is a great way to save money while still having access to high-quality products. This will also save you from devaluation. Tools and machinery start to devalue as soon as they’re bought, meaning the resale value will decrease quickly. So even if you brought a piece of equipment at a high price point, it could soon by Another benefit is no repair costs. If you own a piece of equipment and are using it frequently, it could eventually break and need to be repaired. When hiring tools, this is taken out of your hands. The equipment provided for you will be impeccably maintained and unlikely to break in your possession. You’ll also be receiving the best equipment every time, instead of using your owned tool whose quality is likely to decrease over time. Tool hire companies usually make sure they keep up to date with the newest equipment, meaning you’ll be hiring the newest tools every time. This means you won’t be stuck using outdated gear that you have brought years ago. It’s also more convenient to hire equipment. Instead of sourcing a specialised piece of equipment to buy, you can simply rent it out for a period of time instead. This is also great if you’re only using the tool for a specific function for a specific period of time. There's no point buying an expensive piece of equipment that you know you’re only going to be using once. This is a waste of money. Tool hire contracts are usually quite flexible, giving you the freedom to get equipment when you need it, for the right amount of time. You don’t want to be wasting money hiring a tool for a month when you only need it for a few days. There are normally contract options for 24 hours, 48 hours, Monday to Friday, weekly and monthly hire. These contracts will usually include total cost, with any VAT, deposits and delivery charges summarised transparently. Some tool hire companies will also include training with their equipment, meaning you don’t have to go through the trouble of wasting time trying to teach yourself or your crew how to use an unfamiliar piece of equipment. This will help increase productivity and safety on site. Renting tools instead of buying them is also hassle-free. You don’t have to find anywhere to properly store them, which can cost you money renting out space. Hiring tools can also save you money on taxes, as machinery you have purchased will be taxed. Hiring tools are considered to be a deductible expense so you can actually save quite a bit of money by renting instead of buying.

Disadvantages of Tool Hire

The only real disadvantage of tool hire is that you don’t own the equipment. Some people like to know that they own the equipment and can use it whenever they want, without having to contact a hiring agency and arrange for the hire. It may also be better to buy equipment if you’re using it often and for long periods of time. In this case, the hire cost may over time become higher than the cost of just buying the equipment. However, this issue is hard to deal with, as you’ll only be saving money in this case if you buy the equipment immediately and don’t spend a ton of money renting it out frequently.

From Mowers To Floor Polisher Hire

One of the best reasons to hire tools is due to the great selection of products you can hire. If you’re a landscaper, you can hire a ride-on mower, chipper, leaf blower, trimmer or any range of tools that will help you or your business. A lot of gardening equipment is quite specialised, so hiring it out is a great way to perfect your landscaping services without buying a lot of specialised equipment for a lot of money. You can rent gardening tools for as little as £35 per week, with ride-on mowers costing around £200 a week. If you’re doing any painting or decorating, you may be after equipment that could cost you a ton of money but you’ll never need again once it’s done with. This could be a wallpaper stripper, a tool that helps with the fast and effective removal of wallpaper to leave a clean surface for redecoration. It will cost you around £32 a week to rent, but a lot more than this to buy outright. You can rent one for a week, remove all types of wallpaper, vinyl or woodchip and then return it easily. A lot of industries can benefit from renting equipment, such as for site works and security. You can rent out barriers, security fencing, site toilets and more, which you may only need for a certain amount of time. These are great for festivals, events and more that need an element of security but the organisers do not have the equipment available to them. You can rent security fencing for as little as £1.20 per week, while toilets can cost around £25 to rent. Drill Rental And More From Rocket Rentals If you’re looking for reliable tool hire, get in touch with the team at Rocket Rentals. We have a vast range of equipment available for you to hire for a variety of purposes. This includes equipment for:

● Access & Support ● Cleaning & Floorcare ● Compressors & Air Tools ● Concreting & Compaction ● Cutting & Grinding ● Drilling & Breaking

● Fixing ● Gardening & Landscaping ● Heating, Drying & Cooling ● Lifting & Handling ● Lighting & Power ● Painting & Decorating ● Plumbing & Mechanical ● Pumping

● Siteworks & Security ● Surface Preparation

● Woodworking & Sanding

As you can see we have equipment for everything, meaning you can hire as few or as many items you want to assist you, whatever the task is. We don’t just offer tool hire, with a variety of plant and access hire, including excavators, tractors, crushers, dumpers, scissor lifts and articulating boom lifts.

Tool hire is a great way to get a vital piece of equipment for a short amount of time, without having to buy expensive machinery that might be out of the price range for your business. Tool hire is often cheaper than buying, especially if you only need a tool for a short period of time or on a project you’ll not need the tool for again.

We are members of the Construction Plant-hire Association, the Road Haulage Association, QAS approved and met the requirements of the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme, proving our great quality service and products we deliver to our clients.

So get in touch today on 01453 519 451 for tool hire and 01453 519 551 for plant and access hire. All of the products we have available for hire are available to browse online, so visit our website now to find the perfect tool hire for you.

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