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Farming Tools, Rotavator & A Guide To UK Farming

There is no question that farming for your own produce can be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling things you can do. Besides it doesn’t really matter whether you farm for your family or you run a business it is just as rewarding either way. As you might expect or already know, preparing your land for this kind of use is a complex and important task and will involve many different processes. So, in this blog, we will run a few of the key things to look out for when you are doing this. So, keep reading to find out more.


A brief overview of UK Farming

Farming is, unquestionably one of the UK’s most prominent industries and has defined a great deal of the country's culture. The nation currently produces 60% of its domestic food production meaning that farming is critical to the success and survival of the population. To facilitate this huge farming yield the UK uses 71% of its landmass for farming and 1% of its total workforce to help to maintain and harvest these crops and livestock. In fact, there are a total of 216,000 farm holdings in the country which naturally vary a great deal in both size and yield.

Clearly then, farming is extremely important in the UK and it contributes a huge amount to the economy and overall wellbeing of the nation. The country is situated in a part of the globe that benefits from fairly temperate climates. As we’re sure you know the UK certainly gets a great deal of rain and this coupled with mild temperatures and regular sunshine provides a perfect place to grow crops. Though farming was first introduced in the country around 5000 BC and it took a great deal of time to spread across the entire nation. Though by around the 8th century AD, arable farming was one of the largest industries in the nation.

Categories of farming

Essentially, there are two main subcategories that you can split land preparation into. First, you have the tools which you will use to prepare and work your land and then you will need to decide how you will use your land. These two factors will, of course, have a myriad of sub-factors that you must consider which is why farming has a reputation for complexity. In fact, you will just need to learn a few key rules and then you will find the process incredibly rewarding. So, what are a few of the main tools which you will need to know about before you start working your land?

Farming tools

We have been using farming tools for thousands of years and without them we would simply not be able to grow crops or breed animals. The earth and soil beneath our feet can be extremely difficult to manipulate and plants have a wide range of conditions which they need in order to thrive. Farming tools are there to make impossible tasks a reality and cut down the amount of time we spend on any one role. After all, the world’s population shows no sign of slowing down so the demand for farms is set to continue rising. We must then make our smallholdings and farms as productive as possible.

So, what are some of the most important tools in the agricultural industry and what are they used for? Well, many people will have different answers on this as it certainly depends on what you farm. Sheep farmers, for example, will have far different requirements from wheat farmers. Though, in this section, we will try and set you out with a few of the most popular tools in the agricultural sector. So, keep reading to find out more.


Tractors are, without any doubt, the most important pieces of equipment in land maintenance and farming. In fact, without these machines, many modern farms would simply not exist and many tasks would simply be impossible. Since the invention of the combustion engine and the development of the modern tractor, this machine has cemented itself as a staple in farming and you can now find these vehicles all around the world in a variety of shapes and sizes. The fact is that a small holding or farm is where the tractor belongs and allows farmers to complete many tasks in one day. As you might expect this increases yield and subsequent profit.

Tractors can be used for a variety of tasks from working arable land to fixing fencing for livestock or transporting animals. Nowadays you can purchase or rent many different tractor types which have been specifically designed to perform certain tasks. This is, of course, why many farmers and smallholders now choose to rent their tractors so they can use machines that have been designed for the role at hand. You can also hire a myriad of specific tools which can be fasted to your tractor which can perform a variety of tasks. So, you should certainly consider tractor hire.

Combine harvester

One of the most prominent forms of farming in the UK is arable agriculture. In fact, over a third of the UK’s 23 million acres of farmland is used for arable plants. This means there is a huge demand for combine harvesters as these machines are how people collect crops. Combines have seen a huge evolution over the years as technology has become more and more capable. Nowadays, these machines have a myriad of technology within them and use computer systems throughout. This means that they are incredibly expensive to purchase, leading most farmers to hire them out.


Modern arable farming would be almost impossible without a cultivator. In fact, this simple piece of farming machinery is one of the most common in the UK. So, what does it do and why is it so important? The machine is used to stir and pulverise the soil so it can be easier for people to plant seeds. Thorough cultivating can also be used to weed soil after a crop has been planted. Clearly, then, they are incredibly important as without them farmers' crop yields would be far less. Many farmers own their own cultivators as they are used throughout the calendar year.


As we’re sure you are all aware, water is vital for maintaining crops. Though, while the UK is famous for its rain you can’t always rely on consistent rain throughout the year. A few hundred years ago this would have resulted in disaster and catastrophic crop failure. Though, nowadays we have devices that can pump water around the fields to keep them sufficiently hydrated. These devices are called irrigation systems and many farms up and down the country use them throughout the year. While these machines are extremely useful they are undoubtedly expensive which is why many farmers try not to use them if possible.


Rotavators are another vital tool in farming and something which every land expert should use from time to time. Soil health is, of course, vital to the success of your plants and vegetables and many variables come into play when it comes to soil health. Though, one of the most important factors is aeration. Rotavators are designed to feed air into your soil to maintain its health and keep it in prime condition for growing plants.

They are fairly simple to use with many people using them in their gardens as well as on farmland. Though as they are used sporadically throughout the year, most people rent rotavators rather than owning them outright.

If you need any help hiring farm or land machinery then here at rocket rentals we can help. We have many years of experience in the industry and would love to help you find the right items you need for the job at hand. What’s more, our staff are incredibly knowledgeable and would love to talk with you about the options which are available to you. After all, we pride ourselves on ensuring that you walk away happy with the equipment you have rented. So, contact us today to find out more about what we offer.

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