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How Do Portable Welfare Cabins Benefit Construction Workers?

In the construction industry, projects can sometimes take place in remote locations that are a fair distance away from residential or urban areas. Whilst such locations are usually ideal for constructing new buildings, they do pose a number of issues.

For example, there will be an obvious lack of on-site facilities, not to mention it’s likely a long distance for workers to travel each day. Thankfully, there is a simple solution: welfare cabins. Read on to learn about the benefits they offer construction workers.

Reduce Fatigue & Extensive Travel

Welfare cabins can offer a range of functions, from toilets and washing facilities to canteens and even sleeping spaces. Offering sleeping areas, in particular, is beneficial to construction workers in certain situations.

Working at a remote site can take a negative toll on workers, especially when having to travel to and from site each day, causing them to have to be up extra early in the morning and return home late in the evening. This can result in exhaustion, which can severely impact workers’ wellbeing and subsequently reduce their productivity during working hours.

Welfare cabins, then, offer on-site accommodation, thus offering them the ability to rest and recuperate after a day of work without the need to travel back and forth. Subsequently, their energy levels will be higher and they will be more alert for work - both of which are essential for their safety during working operations.

Stay Hygienic

Regulations state that employers must provide their employees with necessary welfare facilities for their wellbeing. This includes offering clean hot and cold running water, along with soap and other washing agents.

Construction work often involves laborious tasks that can leave workers especially dirty compared to other jobs. As such, it’s not only necessary to be able to wash their hands and forearms, but showers should be provided for maximum hygiene.

Welfare cabins can be fitted with showers and changing facilities, allowing workers to effectively maintain personal hygiene after particularly dirty work.

Improved Morale

With long hours and physically intensive work, construction work can take both a mental and physical toll on workers. Having areas on site where they can take respite, then, can do wonders for morale - even if it’s as simple as having a heated unit with a comfy sofa to relax on, an area to heat up a hearty lunch, somewhere to wash away the dirt and grime of the day or a bed to lay on and catch up on sleep.

Portable Welfare Cabins from Rocket Rentals

If you would benefit from portable cabin hire for your construction project, then reach out to us here at Rocket Rentals - we have a range available (with the option to include generator rental!), all of which can be supplied across our local Gloucester area.

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