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How Plant Hire Can Enrich Your Next Construction Project

The human ability to build shelters from primitive resources is a defining quality of our species, where the need to safeguard ourselves from the elements has driven innovation and engineering success across the centuries. From ancient times to the present day, we’ve been constructing homes, leisure facilities and architectural works of art that stand the test of time, as we continually battle against the destructive power of the natural environment.


The construction industry has developed massively since the Industrial Revolution, where powerful machinery now handles much of the heavy lifting. Cranes, excavators and mechanical hoists allow for the manoeuvring of bulky materials across large expanses, facilitating the construction of bigger and better manmade structures.


Plant hire is the backbone of this kind of construction work, where the ability to rent equipment and tools on a temporary basis facilitates project success at all levels. Read on to find out more about plant hire, with a look at how this vital service can enrich your next construction job.

Understanding Plant Hire

Commercial plant hire is an essential service that supports the construction industry on a daily basis. Plant hire involves the hiring out of machinery and equipment on a temporary contract, where this is ideal for short term projects where specialist tools are required. This means that instead of buying expensive machinery outright, construction managers and contractors can lease equipment according to their own schedule.


A plant hire company will have a broad catalogue of machinery available to hire, where this can be ordered by the client and delivered directly to their construction site. Some plant hire services will give customers the option of operated hire, where the machinery will be handled by a professional at an additional cost.

The Benefits Of Plant Hire For Your Construction Project

Plant hire can enrich your construction project in numerous different ways, where these benefits may include:

Improved Cost Management

One of the key benefits of utilising plant hire for your construction projects is that this can help you to manage your costs in all kinds of ways. For instance, renting machinery on a temporary basis can be more cost effective than buying equipment outright. Additionally, you will only have to house the machinery for the acute period of time in which you are using it, helping to keep costs to a minimum.

Access To Specialist Equipment

Sometimes, your construction project will require access to specialist machinery and equipment. If you’re running an independent construction business, then you may not be in possession of this kind of machinery, where plant hire allows you to access the tools you need without the need for a costly investment. As a result, plant hire allows contractors and business owners at all levels to compete with larger construction companies when it comes to utilising the best machinery available.

Working With Expert Operators

Some plant hire companies will give you the option of working with a professional machinery operator. This means that your equipment will be handled by a trained expert rather than by a designated member of your own team. As a result, you don’t have to worry about training your staff to handle specialised equipment, where this also means that you can expect high quality results every time, as your operator will be familiar with the equipment at hand.

Minimal Maintenance Needs

In addition to this, hiring your machinery means that you’re not solely responsible for its maintenance and upkeep. Most plant hire companies will regularly service and maintain their equipment so it is in the best possible condition when it arrives at your site. However, some hire contracts will require you to fix any issues that arise with your equipment while it is under your care, so it is important to be aware of this when you’re looking for a company to work with.

Industry Advice

Working with a professional hire company means that you will have access to a wealth of indispensable information and knowledge. If you’re unsure of the kind of equipment that you might need for your project, or would like to find out more about machinery operations, then your hire team will be able to provide the insight that you need. Having this kind of knowledge behind you can help to enrich your construction project at all levels.

Essential Plant Hire Options

There are many different hire options on offer from Rocket Rentals, where each of these can enrich your construction project in different ways. Some of these options include:


Excavators - These digging tools are essential for prepping the ground for foundations or cable installations. Beyond this, their sturdy bucket attachments and hydraulic arms can be used for demolition and landscaping work, where compact models are ideal for navigating tight spaces. A range of attachments are available to facilitate more precise applications such as cutting through tree stumps or digging slender holes.


Rollers - Rollers are also an important tool for the success of your construction project, where these devices are used for compacting soil in order to prepare for the laying of paving stones or concrete. There are numerous different types available to appeal to various project requirements, where your options include smooth drum rollers and specialist vibrating rollers.


Dumpers - A dump truck or tipper is another valuable asset for your project, where these purpose built vehicles are essential for the transportation of soil, aggregates and other loose building materials. Due to their tipper function, these trucks can easily deposit their load in your chosen location, helping to make the delivery process as efficient as possible.


Telehandlers - Enrich your project further with assistance from a telehandler, also known as a telescopic handler or a boom lift. These heavy machinery options are designed to lift and place materials at height, where these can come in handy for all kinds of construction work. As with an excavator, a telehandler can be fitted with various attachments to make them even more useful for your specific needs.


Welfare Cabins - When preparing for your next construction project, it is important not to overlook the comfort of your workforce. That’s why welfare cabins are so essential for the provision of on-site facilities. These can include restrooms and food preparation stations, where these temporary cabins can also be utilised as a hybrid office space. Having this additional area for work and relaxation can truly enrich the experience of your team.


Trailers - Though high tech, specialist equipment is often the priority for project managers, more rudimentary tools are also essential for most construction tasks. These essentials may include trailers, where these large vessels can be used for transporting building materials, light equipment and general site waste. Choose from low loaders, flatbed trailers or more compact models depending on your specific project requirements.


Generators - Often construction sites will need to provide their own remote power supply, where making sure you have the correct generator for your project needs can help everything to run smoothly. Generators can provide power to remote locations or they can offer a reliable backup option in case of sudden outages, where these may be powered by diesel, electricity or other fuels.


Tower Lights - Industrial tower lights are another project accessory that can enrich your operations. This lighting solution can illuminate dig sites and construction works during periods of low light, or if you need an extra source of brightness for underground endeavours. You will be able to choose from a range of tower light heights in order to find the best fit for your site needs.

Rocket Rentals: Plant Hire Services To Enrich Your Construction Project

At Rocket Rentals, we offer an extensive range of plant hire options to support your project requirements. Whether you’re looking for digger hire, excavator rental or the perfect commercial generator, we have the equipment to suit you.


We’re proud of our reputation for plant hire excellence, as a company with over 35 years of experience in the industry. As such, we can advise you on the best machinery to use for your construction job, where we also offer a comprehensive array of small tools and access equipment for hire.


Get in touch with us today to find out more about our unbeatable plant and tool hire range.

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