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Industries & Insights: Who Can Benefit From Generator Hire?

In the modern world we depend on electricity to provide a dependable source of power for our homes, businesses and factories. Everything from the lights above us to the internet cables beneath our feet are fueled by a nationwide electrical supply, which allows us to live in comfort and communicate globally.


In static buildings, electricity is typically sourced from the national grid, where each structure is connected to this system through a network of wires, pylons and substations. Importantly however, it is possible to make your own electricity separate from the nation’s supply. A generator can be used to achieve electrical independence from the grid, where this kind of freedom can be invaluable for a range of domestic and industrial purposes.


Read on to find out more about generator hire, with a look at how these devices function and the contexts in which they are most commonly used.


What Is A Generator?

A generator is a device that utilises electromagnetic induction to convert mechanical energy into usable electrical energy. Generators come in a variety of sizes designed to suit a range of different applications, where these devices can be both portable or stationary.


There are also a number of different ways in which a generator can be powered. Some operate on a diesel, gas or battery supply, whilst others may be solar or wind powered for a more environmentally friendly option.

Domestic & Commercial Applications

Generators are incredibly useful for both domestic and commercial projects, where it can be both practical and cost effective to have access to off-grid electricity. Some contexts in which a generator may come in handy include:

Construction Projects

Generators are frequently hired for use on construction sites, where their portability and high power output mean that they are ideal for fueling all kinds of tools. Builders can use generators to power drills, electric saws, concrete mixers and lighting equipment, where this is especially useful for remote projects and construction work that proceeds the installation of mains electricity.


Generators can also be beneficial if a homeowner is reluctant to share their property’s power source with their building team, where an alternate power source can allow for a project to be completed with minimal disruption to domestic life.

Outdoor Events

Sometimes outdoor events are hosted far enough away from a mains electrical supply that a generator has to be used instead. Event planners will often hire these devices to power outdoor lighting, heaters and music stations, all of which are essential components for festivals and celebrations.


Other outdoor occasions may also require generators as a main source of power, particularly food and drink orientated events. These typically require heating and cooling facilities to ensure that perishables are safe to consume, whilst portable venues such as food trucks can also use a generator to power their whole operation.

Backup Power

Another situation in which generators can come in handy is if the mains electricity supply fails. In these cases, generators can provide a much needed backup option to ensure that essential equipment continues to operate. In this way, generators can provide a fail safe for retail environments, restaurants and medical facilities to make sure that vital services can continue as usual.


Beyond this, generators can also be used as a backup for domestic properties. This is particularly useful for areas that are prone to blackouts or severe weather conditions, where a generator can ensure that the lights stay on regardless of what’s happening outside.

Agricultural Operations

Farming and agricultural industries can also benefit from generator power. This is because these operations often require an electrical power source away from the national grid, where farm sites can use a generator to fuel outdoor refrigeration units, heavy duty tools, and animal heaters.


Some farms will have a permanent generator installed to serve as a chief electricity source for the site. This is often the case for remote areas that may be completely removed from the national grid. Agricultural sites may also choose to invest in a solar powered generator, where they are more likely to have the ground space for a large solar farm installation.

Remote Worksites

Workplaces of all kinds tend to require a reliable electricity source, where this is true even for the most remote of projects. Mining sites and rigging stations will require electrical power despite their remote location, in which case a generator is often depended on as the only source of electricity for miles around.


In addition to this, remote research facilities can also benefit from generator hire. Scientific studies and military explorations may necessitate an electrical power supply to extend to even the most remote locations, in which case a portable generator is usually the best option.

The Benefits Of Generator Hire

So many electricity issues can be solved with the help of a generator, where this kind of solution is often the best option when it comes to accessing off-grid power. In general, generators are either hired on a temporary basis from a rental company, or purchased outright in order to secure permanent ownership. There are many benefits to hiring a generator compared to investing in your own device, where these include:


Hiring a generator means that you can access remote electrical power on an entirely flexible basis. If you need to increase the voltage, the size of your generator, or the number of devices you have access to, then this is all entirely possible. You can also try a variety of different generator models to find your perfect fit, all on a low commitment rental contract. If you then find that you need a generator for the long term, you can make a more permanent investment after having tried and tested some of the options available to you.

Professional Support

If you choose to rent a generator from a professional team, then you will immediately gain access to a wealth of support from your hiring company. They will be able to point you in the right direction when it comes to choosing the best device for your project, where you may lack this kind of expert insight if you decide to purchase a generator independently. As such, you can make sure that you’re making the right choices for your project, which is especially important if you’re not an expert in generator power.

Reduced Costs

There are a number of ways that generator hire can save you money compared to buying a device outright. Initially renting means saving on the upfront cost of an expensive purchase, whilst you will also be able to avoid maintenance and storage costs that can quickly accumulate over time.

Temporary Solutions

You may find that you only require a generator on a temporary or emergency basis. This could be the case if you’re experiencing power outages or if you’re hosting a one off event, where generator hire makes more financial sense than forking out for a pricey investment. Instead, you can opt for a short term rental contract, where you will only need to pay for the days that you really need a generator.

Environmental Compliance

Often local authorities will insist on strict environmental compliance when it comes to housing a generator on your property, especially because they can consume large quantities of fuel. Renting rather than permanently installing your generator can help you to sidestep tight restrictions, meaning you can power your project without worry.

Rocket Rentals: Comprehensive Generator Hire For Your Next Project

At Rocket Rentals, we have a variety of generators available to hire, where these range from 6 to 110 kVA. This means you can choose the power source that best suits you, whether you need an emergency backup or an electrical supply for your construction business.


Beyond this, our plant rental services extend to mower hire and floor polisher hire, so you can find the perfect device for your upcoming job. We can also help if you’re looking for professional tools, where we offer drill rental and gardening tool hire to suit a variety of project requirements.


Simply get in touch with us today to find out more about our full range of services.



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