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Mini Digger Hire: The Best Uses of a Micro Excavator

When it comes to plant machinery, there is a large variety of machines that each perform different jobs for different scales of projects. In our opinion, one of the holy grail machines that has versatile uses is the humble mini digger - also known as a micro excavator.

Micro excavators can be used to perform a variety of jobs, both on a domestic and a commercial scale. Read on below as we discuss some of the best uses for a micro excavator on top of its typically associated construction uses.

Mini excavator


If you’re having some major landscaping work done in your garden, then you can trust that a micro excavator will come in handy to make the job easier and quicker. Its light weight and small size means it can easily fit into your garden and sit on your lawn without damaging the ground, whilst the numerous attachments it can be fitted with allows it to perform numerous landscaping tasks.

For example, it can remove trees and tree stumps, dig holes for new trees, place these new trees and backfill the holes once the trees have been placed. It can also perform larger excavating work, such as creating an area for a pool or spa installation - the latter of which it can also help with.

As for its various attachments, this makes micro excavators also suitable for tearing down small structures (such as sheds or decking), carrying away debris, mulching and even raking or mowing grass.


Just as common as it is at construction sites, you’re just as likely to find plant machinery at a farmsite. Having a lot of land that they have to manage and maintain, mini excavators and their abundance of attachments come in very handy to farmers, allowing them to perform different tasks around their farm.

Firstly, farmers need to create boundaries for the fields in which their livestock will graze, not only so that they know where they are at all times, but to stop unwanted personnel or animals from getting in. This often requires the installation of fencing, during which mini excavators can be used to quickly and efficiently dig holes for fence posts, as well as remove any damaged posts that may need fixing - a process which is otherwise laborious and time-consuming if done by hand.

They can also be used for preparing land for seedbeds, digging trenches for crop irrigation, removing debris and more.

Utility Work

Micro excavators are also a cost-efficient piece of machinery to use for general utility work and maintenance. For example, they can be used to dig trenches for sewer lines, drill hotels for utility pole or road sign installations and general public maintenance jobs such as ploughing snow in the winter months or creating drainage ditches in flood risk areas.

If a micro excavator sounds like the piece of machinery you could benefit from using, then you need Rocket Rentals - the trusted experts in plant rental. We have numerous excavators for hire, including micro excavators, to suit your personal needs.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements.

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