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Safety Tips for Aerial Work Platforms

While aerial work platforms are very useful for reaching difficult spaces, they can be dangerous. Any time you work at height, you need to take security precautions. Anyone who is about to use one of these platforms should be trained and well versed in how to stay safe.

To help you ensure your employees are not at heightened risk for falls, you should take the following precautions:

Use Fall Protection

If you’ll be in the air, you need to use a proper body harness, along with a line that is always attached. There is always a slight risk of falling, but the biggest risk on an aerial platform is the possible jerk of the base machine. Due to the long reach of the platform, it can cause drastic movement that could cause the operator to lose their balance.

Maintain Your Equipment

Be sure to keep the machinery in good condition. It should be inspected before each use and should be carefully maintained. You can either do this yourself or have a company manage it for you. If you are hiring the equipment, be sure to check what is covered by the company.

Eliminate Any Clutter

There should not be anything on the floor of the platform that could cause a tripping hazard. Be sure to keep debris and any tools off the floor. Anything that will be used while using the platform should be kept in a toolbox so it is safely out of the way.

Close the Gate Before Operation

Before using the platform, make certain the gate is closed and secured. The platform should not be used if this isn’t a possibility or if the gate doesn’t latch correctly. It’s essential you take all possible precautions, as just one mistake could be fatal. Depending on the height, severe injury or death is possible.

Get in Touch

Looking for a good aerial platform for hire? At Rocket Material Handling, we offer a range of options for all your raised platform needs. Contact us to learn more about our many aerial platform needs.

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