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Telehandler Hire: Your Brief Guide to Telehandler Attachments

If you’re in need of telehandler hire, then you’ll likely want to hire the most suitable attachment to go with it, or perhaps you own your own telehandler and simply require the use of a different attachment type compared to what you typically use.

In this brief guide, we’ll discuss the different types of telehandler attachments available and their purposes, so you can determine which is most suited to your requirements.

17 metre telehandler

What is a Telehandler?

Often used in industrial and agricultural settings, a telehandler is a type of hydraulic lifting machine that is used to carry and place large, heavy items and materials. This vehicle consists of a crane-like arm, known as a boom.

Different attachments are then fixed to the end of this boom depending on their needs, with there being numerous attachment designs to suit various kinds of loads and materials that may need to be carried.

Telehandler Attachments

Tipping Skip

A tipping skip attachment allows for waste materials to be easily disposed of as and when needed. The telehandler forks slide into the skip, then the skip can be easily lifted, transported and tipped to efficiently empty this waste.

Extension Fork

Telehandlers feature forks at the end of the boom as standard, similar to a forklift. For items that are longer than these forks, extension fork attachments can be used for safer, more stable handling of these loads.

Fork & Grab

A fork and grab attachment is a cage-like attachment with forks that allows you to pick up objects and materials with your telehandler, such as hay bales and muck (manure).

Man Cage

As the name suggests, a man cage, also known as a man basket, is a basket-like access platform attachment that is used to safely lift workers, allowing them to work at height.


A bucket attachment is used to effectively scoop up and carry loose materials (such as debris, gravel or dirt), transport it around site and empty in convenient locations. This is similar to a fork and grab attachment, although its smooth, bucket-like shape makes it better suited to looser and smoother materials, whilst a fork and grab attachment works better with materials that can be held securely by the forks.

Lifting Hook

Secured onto the forks of a telehandler, a lifting hook is a quick and easy method of converting a telehandler into a mobile crane. This allows you to move loads that aren’t on pallets and cannot be lifted by conventional forks.

Plant Hire at Rocket Rentals

Are you in need of a telehandler? We offer a range of plant machinery here at Rocket Rentals Ltd, including telehandler and forklift hire. We also offer a range of telehandler accessories for rental to suit your needs. Get in touch today to enquire about our prices.

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