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Top Uses of Digger Hire

Diggers have numerous uses. Due to this, they are a common piece of equipment and play a vital role in various types of projects, including construction and demolition. However, this type of equipment is also expensive. That’s why many people choose to use a digger hire service instead of purchasing a digger outright. Below are some of the most popular uses of digger hire.

Breaking Ground

Breaking ground is a term which refers to the start of any new construction project. Typically, when a new building is constructed, the ground is not suitable for building work to be completed. Before building work can begin, the soil and environment must be prepared. For instance, there may be rocky terrain which needs to be removed first. Diggers are always used during this part of the construction process.

With a digger, it is possible to ensure that the soil can quickly be prepared for the building work to begin. Excavators are available with different attachments and features including booms and buckets. This means that surface soil can be scooped up and removed depending on the requirements of a specific project. When you explore a digger hire service, you can also rent various sizes of diggers and choose from specific configurations to match your construction or development needs.

Demolishing Structures

Diggers may also be useful during various demolition tasks. You just need to make sure that you use the right attachment for this type of project. A breaker attachment will be the most suitable option. With a breaker attachment on your digger, you will be able to harness hundreds of pounds of impact energy. This will allow you to break through a wide range of materials, including brick, concrete and stone.

Diggers which you can hire for demolition projects are specifically designed to provide the right level of safety and stability. This ensures that you can complete a demolition effectively and efficiently without putting yourself or your team members in danger. You can choose from anything from a 1 tonne micro excavator to a 20 tonne excavator depending on the work that you are completing.

When choosing your digger for demolition, you should also think about the terrain or environment. Diggers like this will either move around on tire wheels or tracks. Diggers you can hire on tracks will be suitable for wider open spaces. In contrast, wheeled diggers are far more versatile. As such, they can be used in smaller areas.

Removing Tree Stumps

You can also use a small digger hire to remove tree stumps from a property. Once a stump is separated from a tree, they begin a long, decaying process. During this time, the stump can attract pests such as ants. As such, while you can leave a stump to rot, it could begin to have an impact on the surrounding land. It may even spread to other plants and trees on the property. Removing the stump is the best way to avoid this issue. It can also help guarantee that the exterior aesthetic isn’t ruined by a decaying stump. A stump will even prevent you from planting new trees due to the extended roots.

Stump removal provides a clean space to work with. However, it is tricky. A tree stump is like an iceberg. There’s often a lot more underneath the surface. Using a digger hire, you can ensure that a tree stump is removed quickly. You can use different attachments to break through the earth around the stump and then lift it from the ground. This will save you from wasting a lot of time and elbow grease.

Creating Dig Footings

Dig footings will be vital when creating any permanent structure. This is true for any building regardless of size or type. The footings will provide support for the structure and ensure that both the roof as well as the walls of the building in question have a strong base.

It is important to ensure that the footings are the correct width and depth. If these details are wrong, then they will not provide the right support for your new building or development. Dig footings should be six inches deep for each 3’3” height of the wall. For instance, if a wall is 6’6” high, then the footings must be 12 inches in depth. The higher the wall, the deeper the footing will need to be.

Footings will also need to be the right width. If you are digging in loose or sandy soil, then the width will need to be larger. A digger or excavator will always be used to dig footings for buildings such as homes or commercial properties. Using a digger, it is easy to create dig footings which match the right depth and width required for the size of the building.

Filling Flower Beds

Alternatively, you could use digger hire to fill flower beds. People often assume that flower beds can be created and filled by hand. However, this may require a lot of work. There are two different types of flower beds. These are island beds and borders. You also have different styles such as formal and informal. Regardless of which type of flower bed you are creating, you will still need to fill the flower bed the right way.

How deep a flower bed needs to be will depend on how long the bed is. A short bed doesn’t need to be particularly deep. However, a long bed will require more depth. Most flower beds for homes will be between five and fifty feet long. On average flower beds are at least 6-12 inches in depth. However, if they are fifty feet long and between four to eight feet wide, that’s still a lot of area that needs to be filled.

Luckily, using a plant rental service, you can hire a digger and make fast work of this type of job. You’ll be able to fill up your flower beds with the right soil in no time. This is one example of how a digger hire can improve efficiency standards on a large landscaping project.

Removing Debris

Diggers can also be hired for debris removal. This is useful on both larger and smaller projects. When you arrange a digger hire, you can choose from different attachments including clamps and buckets which will ensure that your excavator can pick up any type of debris during a removal application. You can also select from different sizes and types of diggers to match your specific job requirement. This will ensure that you have the right combination of maneuverability as well as power. For instance, you may need to remove debris from spaces that are difficult to access. Or, you could need to move heavy materials.

Debris removal will be necessary for a range of different situations. For instance, you could be demolishing a building. If this is the case, then you will need to remove the old materials before you can start work on any new building project. Alternatively, you might be completing a smaller project such as the demolition of a shed in your garden. A digger can still be useful for removing any debris that has been left over. You can even hire a mini digger for a small job like this.


Typically a digger hire service is used for various forms of earth moving. Diggers have bucket attachments. These buckets have edges with metal teeth which are perfect for digging and scooping up the earth.

A digger will be involved during the landscape grading process.. During the process of landscape grading, a digger will be used to sculpt or level the ground. This will ensure that it is correctly prepared for work to be completed. Grading is crucial for any work involving the construction of a building. In some cases grading a landscape may also be necessary for controlling water flow or creating areas that will be used for plants and paths.


Finally, you can also use a digger hire or mini digger hire for forestry projects. In cases like this, diggers of all different sizes can be used to:

● Create access routes

● Remove branches

● Cut and sheer materials

Diggers are available with a range of attachments that make jobs like this easier including mulchers as well as sheers. This will ensure that forestry workers can easily manage different types of trees and greenery that could be in their path when completing work here.

Rocket Rentals: Quality Digger Hire and Plant Rental

Regardless of the project you are undertaking, it’s important to know that you’re in safe hands when it comes to digger hire. Rocket Rentals is a reliable and trustworthy plant hire company, offering a wide range of plant rental and tool hire services. You can rest assured that our experienced and knowledgeable team will always be able to supply you with the relevant equipment for your construction endeavor at an affordable cost. Plus, we can efficiently deliver and unload your hired equipment at your site, thanks to our qualified drivers.

For more information on any of our services, or to make a rental enquiry, please get in touch today. No job is too big or too small for our skilled team!

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