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What to Ask When Arranging Equipment Rental

If you’ve weighed up the pros and cons of buying versus hiring your equipment and decided that renting is the right choice for you, there are a few more things you should consider before taking the plunge.

Not only do you want to be sure you’re getting quality equipment that will meet the requirements of your project, but t's also important to be aware of the ins and outs of your rental agreement. Taking the time to ask questions and read the fine print can help you make sure that you won’t be hit with surprise fees or unexpected contract requirements further down the line, as well as provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Here are some of the key questions you should ask your tool, access, or plant rental company before signing your rental contract.

What are the benefits of equipment rental?

Whether your project requires a magnetic drill or mobile scaffold hire, there are a number of benefits to equipment rental rather than purchase. The benefits you can expect will vary depending on the nature of the project and the circumstances you find yourself in - for example, whether it’s a one-off project or you’ll need to use the equipment regularly.

There are many reasons to rent your machinery and tools instead of investing in them yourself, including:


Equipment rental allows you to use what you need when you need it. Therefore, if you’re only carrying out a one-off project or are trialling a new service, you don’t need to make a big investment that will not be worthwhile in the long run. Here at Rocket Rentals, all equipment is offered for hire on a daily and weekly basis. However, some items may require a minimum hire of one week.

Most plant hire companies will also drop the equipment off at the site where you’ll be using it, so you won’t have to worry about transporting it from your base to the site of the project. This also provides some flexibility as to where you can use your equipment, as the hard work is done for you. Find more information about Rocket Rentals’ delivery options in our brochure.


If you only require equipment for a couple of days at a time, there is very little point in purchasing it. Not only will you have to find somewhere to store the machinery or tools, but you will be unlikely to get your money’s worth out of your investment. Therefore, in some cases, it is actually far more cost-effective to rent your equipment rather than buy it.

Latest models

When you’re looking to rent machinery or tools, it is likely that you will have access to the newest and/or most hi-tech options, as equipment rental companies will usually keep their range of equipment up-to-date and will know exactly what the best new models are. They will also offer them at much more affordable and cost-effective prices than you would be able to buy them for.

What equipment should I rent?

The equipment you require will depend on the project at hand. For instance, a construction job will probably have very different equipment requirements than an agricultural application. At Rocket Rentals, we have a variety of plant rental, tool hire and access hire options available. Whether you require dumper hire or painting and decorating tools for rent, we will have something that fits the bill.

Even if you think you know what machinery and tools you require - right down to the brand or model you’re after - we still recommend that you double-check with a member of our team before deciding. They will be well-equipped to provide advice and recommendations tailored to your project and may be aware of relevant details that you aren’t familiar with.

What health and safety measures do I need to be aware of?

Rocket Rentals is committed to putting safety first, both for our own staff and our customers. We carry out regular servicing of all our hire equipment and ensure that each item adheres to the standards set by the Hire Association Europe.

Another way in which we safeguard our equipment and customers is by ensuring that everyone that will be using the machinery knows how to do so properly. Our brochure contains valuable advice and information with regards to operator safety when using our equipment, including summaries of relevant regulations. We also have an extensive range of personal protective equipment (PPE) available for purchase, should you need it. If you would like more information, our health and safety policies are outlined on our website.

Please note that some equipment and/or insurance plans will require a trained operator to run the equipment for you.

Will I need insurance?

You're required by law to be covered by insurance if you or a member of your staff will be operating heavy machinery. Some tool hire and plant rental companies will provide the insurance, while others require the customer to provide proof of insurance coverage before an agreement can be finalised.

Here at Rocket Rentals, we ask that our customers take responsibility for the safekeeping and insurance of the equipment until it has been returned or collected. If you only require equipment for a short period of time, you may be able to obtain Short Term Hire Insurance - feel free to contact us for more information. The person hiring the equipment is also responsible for ensuring that it is kept in a safe working environment, as you may be charged for any damage.

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