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When Might You Require the Help of Generator Hire?

Generators are a useful means of power supply to have on your side.  From smaller generators for domestic use, to larger, more powerful ones better suited for commercial settings, they are beneficial in a number of different situations.

In this short guide, we’ll discuss exactly what a generator is, along with the different situations in which generator rental can be particularly useful.

power generator

What is a Generator?

In short, a generator is a device that provides power by converting mechanical energy into electricity. This is usually done through the use of a motor, which itself is more often than not powered by fuel (although there are other sources that can be used to turn the motor and create mechanical energy).

This allows them to generate power without being connected to a mains power source, hence why they are often used when such a connection isn’t possible or when a boost in power is needed.

When is Generator Hire Useful?

Outdoor Events

Because of the lack of a connection point to mains power, generators are incredibly practical to have at a number of outdoor events. This could be at fayres, music festivals and even outdoor weddings and/or parties.

Generators often offer multiple connection points, meaning they can be used to power everything from lighting and sound systems to food trucks/stalls and rides.

Construction Sites

When it comes to construction, many new-build jobs are undertaken in areas where there is not yet an established connection to mains power. Despite this, an electric supply is still required to power a number of tools that will be used throughout the construction process.

There is also a need for lighting so that workers can see when they’re working in the dark, along with power for welfare cabins, which are often in place to allow workers a place to rest, eat, use the toilet and sometimes even sleep.

As such, generators are a huge convenience at construction sites, allowing projects to progress swiftly.


Whilst many places are connected to the mains power, they may still require a generator in emergency situations - namely in the case of a blackout. While this is more of an inconvenience in some cases, in others this can have detrimental effects.

For example, a pharmaceutical company is reliant on power in order to keep a number of medications and vaccinations at optimum temperature in special medical fridges. Were they to lose power, this could void the effectiveness and use of all these medicines.

Similarly, hospitals are undoubtedly reliant on electricity in order to keep all of their machines running, such as life support machines, oxygen machines and operating equipment. As such, a power cut could put many people’s lives at risk.

Whilst these two examples tend to have their own backup generators on hand at all times, many other companies of varying natures may like to have the safety net of a backup generator.

Get in Touch

Do you require a generator for temporary or long-term use? Here at Rocket Rentals, we’ve got you covered. We offer both petrol and diesel generators to suit your requirements, as part of our comprehensive power and lighting hire solutions.

Get in touch with us today to make an enquiry.

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