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8 Spring Landscaping Hacks That Will Save You Time

Updated: May 31, 2023

Spring is just around the corner, and there’s plenty of landscaping jobs you can do now to save you time, effort and money in the long run.

Read on to discover some essential landscaping hacks that will prepare you for the warmer months.

1. Get planting

Spring is the perfect time to get planting in time for summer - from trees and shrubs to flowers and herbs, now’s the time to start creating your dream garden.

2. Test your soil

Test your soil once every few years to make sure it has the proper pH balance and mix of nutrients. You can usually get your soil tested by a lawn care or landscape professional, so don’t neglect this important task.

3. Rejuvenate your patio

As the weather warms up, consider sorting out your patio. Spring air marks the perfect time to sweep the twigs and winter debris away and breathe life back into your empty outdoor space.

4. Add fresh mulch

Turn over any old, faded layers of mulch. Sometimes simply stirring up the top layer can make a big difference - it can provide insulation from fluctuating temperatures, slow water loss to evaporation, and reduce competition from grass and weeds. Mulching can also even deter insects, so this is not a step you should be skipping.

5. Prune away

Get your spring pruning underway early - you’ll need to remove dead and diseased branches and maintain the correct form for the plant. Some plants that are pruned in spring benefit from a good rejuvenation pruning where you cut the plants back severely to allow them to generate all new growth.

6. Start thinking about lawn aeration

Maintaining a nice landscape takes work, and aeration is crucial to a healthy lawn. Spring is the ideal season to aerate your lawn as it coincides with the growing season of the grass, meaning it has the opportunity to heal properly.

7. Get weeds under control

Now’s the time to get rid of those pesky weeds - use the coming of spring as your optimal chance to finally de-weed your garden.

8. Invest in tool rental

You’re going to want to have all the garden and landscaping tools you need on hand to get your projects underway. Tool hire is a great solution to make the landscaping process simple and easy.

At Rocket Rentals, we provide the tools to ensure your landscaping visions come to life through our comprehensive plant and tool hire services. From digger hire to cordless drill hire, we have a fantastic selection of products available for use. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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