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Digging It: Your Guide to Excavator Hire Attachments

Excavator attachments can make fantastic tools for landscaping, as well as an excellent alternative to multiple plant hires. From demolishing purposes to gardening applications, these tools add versatility to excavators that cannot be found elsewhere. Read on to find out what some of the most popular excavator attachments are used for and how they can benefit you.

Hydraulic Breakers

Thanks to durable materials, we have solid surfaces to drive vehicles along, as well as acting as foundations for our buildings. Sometimes, however, we need to break those surfaces to create new structures and flooring. To do so, you can use a hydraulic breaker attachment with an excavator hire. The attachment is designed to demolish materials, using a powerful percussion hammer.


Used for drilling holes in the ground, auger attachments have a corkscrew design that easily unearths and moves through the soil. These can be securely fitted to an excavator, making the machine a versatile addition to the worksite. The holes formed are great for a variety of uses, whether providing a foundation for fence posts to be secure or introducing new trees, so consider adding an auger to your landscaping equipment hire.

Flail Mowers

Hedges and grassy areas can often get out of hand when left to their own devices. To trim foliage and greenery, many professionals opt to use an excavator with an attachment known as a flail mower. This is a simple attachment, easy to combine with an excavator to effectively mow the green space, from grass to flowers and weeds.

Selector Grabs

When using a bucket to lift materials on a construction site, often there are elements you would not wish to take with you. A selector grab attachment makes it simple to pick up only the intended materials, with added holes for filtering. This attachment is excellent for use in water, filtering out the liquid with ease.

Pallet Forks

On construction sites, there are often heavy pallets that need to be propelled upwards and transported. Pallets can carry materials such as bricks, steel beams and wooden planks, making them integral to building sites. Unfortunately, most forklifts are not equipped for all terrains. By opting for a pallet fork attachment for an excavator, however, you can get the job done securely and safely.

Plant Hire in Gloucester and Beyond

If you’re looking for reliable landscaping equipment hire, search no further than Rocket Rentals Ltd. We can offer a variety of high-quality machines, including the above attachments for excavator hire, helping to prepare you for your project. From excavator add-ons to tool hire, you’ll never be unprepared when using our services.


If you’re interested in hiring equipment in Gloucester, please visit our website to find out more about us and our team. Alternatively, for further support and advice, get in touch with us directly today.

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