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Disconnected: The Benefits of Cordless Tool Rentals

Often, renting tools for a construction project is preferable to owning them. With maintenance taken care of, you needn’t worry about constantly monitoring its condition, nor organising adequate and constant storage. When hiring equipment, it can be worthwhile to consider renting cordless tools, thanks to their extra advantages and benefits.


In this article from Rocket Rentals Ltd, you can learn some of the benefits of hiring cordless tools instead of traditional equipment.

Wider Range

Using traditional tools, there are limits to the distance you can stray away from the plug. The cord must travel with you, often meaning that you need to consider the length of the wire and whether you will require an extension cord for power. Instead, opting for a cordless alternative can save you from the hassle of organising extra cords to travel distances, allowing you to fix objects freely.

Easier Storage

When travelling to a worksite, compact storage is key. A construction zone will require lots of equipment to properly function, so it’s vital to ensure you have space to transport it all. Using cordless tool rentals, you should be able to store more equipment than before, thanks to the lack of heavy cords. This results in the need for fewer vehicles in the transportation of tools and equipment, saving both time and money on these construction costs.

Safer Operation

When working outside, utilising tools with lengthy cords can be hazardous, creating opportunities for tripping. When tripping over a cord there is a risk of injury from falling, as well as the combined risk of a dangerous tool from being pulled from a hand while in use. With cordless power tools, you should be able to roam around safely, without needing to alert others to the hazard of a cord.

No Mains Needed

In some circumstances, electricity itself is not available during a construction project. Without plugs and access to a mains system, a power tool with a cord cannot function. Luckily, cordless power tools are available to save the day, as battery-powered equipment that can be used off-grid. They may require adequate charging or a battery replacement beforehand, however, these power sources will not quickly run out afterwards.

Our Rental Tools

Perhaps you’re after a cordless drill hire, or searching for a cordless nail gun to rent, ready for your next project. Whichever cordless power tool you’re after, our team at Rocket Rentals Ltd would be happy to help. From tool hire to plant hire, we take pride in helping companies and individuals in the South West find the perfect equipment for their construction needs.


Visit our website to learn more about us and our rental products at Rocket Rentals. Alternatively, please contact us directly for further information and support.

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