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Pressure Washer Rental: What Can it be Useful for?

Whether in a domestic or commercial setting, pressure washers are incredibly useful and efficient pieces of equipment. Ideal for a multitude of cleaning applications, there is a pressure washer for every job.

Read on as we discuss what a pressure washer can be used for and the different types available for hire.

pressure washer

What is a Pressure Washer?

As its name suggests, a pressure washer is a surface cleaning tool that consists of a jet, or a number of jets on a rotating bar, that releases water at a high pressure. This pressure allows surfaces to be cleaned at a more efficient and rapid rate than other methods of cleaning.

They work to effectively remove grime, debris, dirt, dust and mould from a range of exterior services. However, in some circumstances, care must be taken when using a power washer, as the pressure can cause damage to more fragile surfaces (e.g. timber decking).

What Can it be Used for?

Pressure washing can be used in all kinds of outdoor cleaning applications. One of the most common domestic uses of a power washer is to clean cars. This is most commonly done using a household electric pressure washer (we will explore the different kinds of pressure washers later on), which is compact, affordable and efficient.

Although, they can be used to clean larger scale vehicles, also. For example, they can be used to remove old paint, algae and other grime from boats. Another use in a commercial setting is to clean plant and agricultural machinery on construction sites or farmyards; since the industrial equipment used in these settings is typically quite large and of a dangerous and/or complicated construction, a power washer tends to be the fastest and safest way of cleaning it.

The last common use you may see of one of these washers is to clean exterior floors and the outside of buildings. Over time, lichens, moss, algae and general grime can build up on exterior walls and patios, so a pressure washer is used to refresh the appearance of these surfaces.

Different Types of Pressure Washer


An electric pressure washer is the most readily available type. These are often compact in size and are easy enough to carry around. They are powered by electricity, as the name gives away, and have a hose attachment that connects to an outdoor tap in order to source water.

They are relatively quiet and are ideal for smaller scale and domestic jobs.


Powered instead by petrol or diesel, these types of pressure washer are typically used for larger, more heavy-duty tasks. They not only provide higher pressure, but also tend to have a larger water flow rate.

They, too, feature a hose attachment that must be connected to an outdoor tap, and tend to be heavier and louder than electric pressure washers.


Unlike the first two types, a bowser pressure washer is a combined pressure washer and water tank, meaning it does not need to be connected to a water source. These are usually towable and are ideal for industrial applications, such as cleaning plant machinery, concreting equipment, urban pavement and even removing chewing gum from off the floor.

Power Washer Hire

Could you benefit from the use of a pressure washer? We offer all three types of pressure washers for hire here at Rocket Rentals - Gloucester’s leading tool hire and equipment rental experts.

If you’d like to enquire about hiring one of our pressure washers, or any of our other tools, then don’t hesitate to contact us today and we’ll get back to you with more information.

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