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Should I Consider Power Washer Hire?

Power washers have been a household staple for years! They gained popularity for their effectiveness and quick results. Power washers are great tools for stubborn dirt and grime that build up on hard surfaces, but it can be quite the commitment to buy one. Not to worry! If you’re thinking about getting yourself a power washer, our blog is here to show you all your options. Whether you want to commit to owning one, or explore power washer hire services, our blog covers it all. To find out more, keep on reading!

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Power Washers: What Are They & Who Uses Them?

Power washers are high pressure machines that are used for cleaning hard surfaces. They expel a harsh stream of heated water that is used to clean cars, buildings, driveways and other surfaces. Power washers are great for cleaning stubborn stains, grime and other types of dirt that might otherwise be tricky to clean.


Many people use power washers, such as:


●     Homeowners - Many homeowners may have purchased a power washer, using it for driveways, their cars, dirt on their home…etc. Power washers are a quick, effective solution for problem areas.


●     Construction Industries - Power washers can often be found in construction industries, to clean paint, equipment and other dirt in a timely manner.


●     Industrial Facilities - Warehouses and other industrial facilities make good use out of power washers. They can be used to clean the building, large pieces of machinery and equipment.


●     Farming - Farmers may use power washers to clean their equipment also, in an effective and quick way.

Power Washer Vs Pressure Washer

Many people assume that power washers and pressure washers are interchangeable, but there is a difference between the two.


Pressure washers are often used for paint removal, cleaning mould, grime and other dirt off of solid surfaces. This includes buildings, cars and other solid structures. Pressure washers can be powered by diesel, gas or electricity.


Power washers are almost identical to pressure washers, with two key differences. A power washer will generally have a higher level of water pressure, as well as heated water. This makes for a stronger, more powerful cleaning method. These washers are used for more stubborn dirt and tougher stains.

Safety Precautions

Now we know the difference between power washers and pressure washers, it’s time to look at how to stay safe when using this type of equipment. Read below for some of our basic safety tips.

Read The Manual

This may seem like we’re stating the obvious, but if you decide to DIY power wash, reading the manual is an important safety step. Each machine is different, and is not something to be messed around with. So, even if you’ve used a power washer before, be sure to read the manual properly before starting any cleaning.


Wearing the right gear is essential to your safety when you’re power washing. You will need gloves to protect your hands and safety goggles of some kind for your eyes. You may also want to wear something over your clothes to protect them too.

Stay At A Safe Distance

Staying at a safe distance from the stream of water is extremely important. It’s also important that you do not spray this water near or on anybody. It can cause serious injuries and be extremely painful. Your manual should explain what a safe distance is between the washer and the item you are cleaning, so be sure to read it thoroughly.


Power washers have different nozzles for different functions, so be sure to check your manual and use the right nozzle for the right surface. Picking the wrong nozzle for the job can damage your car or building, which you definitely want to avoid. Using the wrong nozzle near or around other people could also result in an injury.


If you’re using an electric powered power washer, be extra careful when you are using this equipment. Make sure that your electrical cables are all in good condition, with no wires exposed. If you do see broken cables or exposed wires, do not use the equipment. In addition to exposed wires, keep your electrical items as far away from water as possible to avoid any risk of electric shocks.

Should I Rent, Buy or Hire A Professional Power Washer Service?

Now we’ve covered the safety precautions of power washing, you may be wondering what options are available. Like most things, you have a few options. You can buy, rent or hire a professional power wash service. This all depends on your budget, your cleaning needs and how often you’ll be using the power washer. To find out more about your options, read below.


For those who don’t want to purchase a power washer outright, renting is one of your options. Someone may want to rent a power washer for one off washes, or if they know they aren’t going to make good use out of it all year long.


Renting a power washer does come with its perks, as you won’t need to maintain or look after the machine once you’ve rented it. You also won’t need to find a place to store the power washer if you decide to rent, which can be convenient for some individuals. Renting also gives you access to newer and more efficient models, meaning your power washer will be of a great standard.


One of the downsides to renting your power washer is that it could be time consuming if you don’t receive your power washer on demand.


For those who know they’ll need their power washer all year long, buying is the right option. While purchasing outright is going to be expensive upfront, by power washing with your own machine, and doing it yourself, you could end up saving thousands of pounds over the years.


If you have various items to clean, such as your driveway, fencing, decking…etc. Then buying your power washer could be the best solution, giving you access to the machinery whenever you need it. You can use it at whatever time is convenient to you, and after your initial purchase there are no more hidden payments!


One thing to note about buying your power washer is that you will have to store it somewhere to keep it safe. Not to mention, the protective gear you will need to go with it. These will also be upfront costs, but this could end up being quite expensive.

Hiring A Professional

If you don’t want to buy, and you don’t want to rent, your last option is to hire a professional. If DIY power washing just isn’t your thing, hiring a professional is a great alternative.

Pressure washing can be a dirty and physically draining task, so if you’re not up to the challenge, no worries! You also may have dirt build up or extremely stubborn stains that need the knack of a professional.


When you hire a professional, they are responsible for transporting the power washer back and forth, as well as cleaning your dirty surfaces. Professionals will also have extreme safety precautions and will be aware of any potential risks. So, if you’re not too sure about DIY power washing, there’s no harm in leaving it to the professionals.

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