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Your Favourite Bob the Builder Characters Explained

Here at Rocket Rentals, we’re not only plant hire specialists, but plant machinery enthusiasts. That’s why we love it when we see examples of the plant machinery we let out featured on television - and one show that has featured them for years? Bob the Builder, of course!

Keep reading as we discuss some of the much loved Bob the Builder characters and discuss the machinery that they represent.

Dizzy | Cement Mixer

Portrayed as one of the youngest machines in Bob’s yard, Dizzy is Bob’s orange tilting-drum cement mixer.

Tilting-drum cement mixers are very convenient for concreting jobs. The tilted drum rotates to mix the cement ingredients easily and efficiently, making the process much easier than mixing by hand. Concreting is a common task during construction work, often used for foundations, floor constructions and exterior surfaces - so it’s no wonder that Dizzy is a trusted member of Bob’s crew!

Scoop | Digger

Recognised as the unofficial leader of Bob’s machinery crew, Scoop is the recogniseable yellow digger.

Many people confuse diggers with excavators, however the two are actually different. Excavators tend to operate on treads, rotate 360° and feature an articulated arm with a bucket attachment at their front. On the other hand, diggers tend to operate on four wheels, can rotate left and right and feature a smaller, forward facing bucket at their front with a backhoe at their rear.

Roley | Roller

You may see a recurring theme here with the names of Bob’s crew and the plant machinery they represent… Can you guess what Roley might be? That’s right, a roller - a green one to be exact!

A roller, or road roller as they’re also known, is used to level out and compact different kinds of surfaces, such as soil, sand, asphalt or tarmac. This ensures such surfaces are not only laid accurately, but ensures a smooth, high quality finish that’s fit for purpose.

Muck | Dumper

This isn’t an exhaustive list of Bob’s crew, so the last member we’ll be mentioning is Muck - a red dumper that runs on tracks.

Dumpers are rather self-explanatory. They are the opposite of excavators, in that they are used to carry and tip (or dump) bulk materials, rather than take them away. For example, they might be used to fill in holes with soil or dump aggregates ready to be used for mixing in with concrete.

Rocket Rentals Plant Hire

As you can see, Bob the Builder’s crew includes some core machinery that is essential in the work of any builder. If you work in construction, then you, too, could benefit from your own crew of such machinery.

Whether you require dumper hire or roller hire, get in touch with us here at Rocket Rentals for your plant machinery solutions.

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