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New Year Refresh: Why Schools Can Benefit from Tool Rental

Whilst it’s to be expected that children look forward to their annual time off school, the Christmas holidays also bring a much welcome break for teachers. They also have another benefit - the school grounds will be unoccupied, making now the perfect opportunity to give your school premises a refresh ready for the new year.

Read on as we discuss the benefits of refreshing school grounds in the holidays, along with some tips on how to do so with the help of tool rental.

wet and dry vacuum

A Fresh Start for a Fresh School Year

There’s nothing like the new year to embrace a new start, and this can be done in more ways than one. One such way is to consider your surroundings and how these can be improved ready for the new year ahead.

If you own, are the headmaster of or are on the board of a school, then we strongly recommend you consider revamping your school premises. The Christmas holidays offer the perfect opportunity to do so thanks to the grounds being vacant, and this means both your staff and your students get to benefit from a fresh, quality learning environment that sets them off on the right foot for the new year.

Tips for Refreshing School Grounds

Spruce Up the School Field

Any school fields will have had a couple of weeks left alone, which will be good for them. However, it’s important to prepare them ready for use again. Whilst grass doesn’t require a lot of maintenance in the winter months due to the colder weather slowing its growth, there are a few things you can do to keep on top of its health.

If the grass is looking a little bit long in places, then on a dry, non-frosty day you may want to neaten up the surface by using a strimmer around the edges of the field and on any particularly long patches of grass.

We also recommend using a leaf blower to ensure there are no leaves, moss or twigs laying on the field.

Deep Clean All Areas

From the busy rush of the Christmas term to the layers of dust gathering over the weeks off for the holidays, all schools can do with a deep clean in the new year.

Vacuum rental comes in particularly handy here, offering you industrial strength wet and dry vacuums, along with the option for carpet cleaners and floor polishers, to ensure that both hard and carpeted floors are sufficiently clean.

Repaint Classrooms

From dull, chipped paint to lacklustre colours, there’s nothing like a new paint job to lift spirits in the winter months. Consider using a heat gun to help strip away old paint, leaving you with a fresh, even surface to paint the coats of your new colour.

From floor polisher rental to tool rental, however you choose to refresh your school grounds this new year, we’ve got you covered with all the equipment you’ll need here at Rocket Rentals Ltd. Get in touch with us today to enquire.

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