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Plant Hire - Problems & Solutions

Updated: Feb 27

The plant hire industry is an industry that prides itself on problem solving. People in the construction, civil engineering and industrial sectors face a lot of challenges that can be easily overcome with plant hire.

Here are some common problems and the solutions that plant hire companies, such as us here at Rocket Rentals, can help you with.

Plant hire

Common Problems You Might Be Facing

I Have No Space

A common problem that many face in their business is that they simply do not have the space for what they need. Plant machinery is normally large and awkwardly sized, so a lot of people struggle with where to store it when it is not in use.

Plant Hire Solution: With plant hire, the space on your site does not matter. Renting machinery allows you to not have to worry about the storage of equipment. Most equipment can be used on the day and then sent back to the company you hired it from, or you only have to worry about storage for a short amount of time.

Machinery Is Expensive

Machinery for use in construction and other fields is not cheap. Buying new equipment could end up costing you thousands of pounds, which is not an ideal solution if you’re working with a limited budget or trying to work as efficiently as possible.

Plant Hire Solution: Utilising plant hire will enable you to keep costs down immensely. Instead of paying thousands of pounds for new equipment, you’ll spend a significantly less amount on the hire of the machinery.

I Don’t Need It Forever

This is another common issue that appears in certain sectors that need plant and tool hire. They will often need a piece of machinery or a tool only for a specific task or for a certain amount of time. So buying new machinery or tools may seem wasteful if they’re only going to be used once.

Plant Hire Solution: This is another problem solved easily with plant hire. You don’t need the equipment forever, so by utilising plant hire you can have access to the equipment for the task in hand and then simply return it.

Plant & Tool Hire From Rocket Rentals

Rocket Rentals is your go-to choice for plant, tool and access hire in Gloucester. We have been assisting our customers for over 35 years, lending our great range of plant hire to clients in the construction, civil engineering and industrial sectors. This includes mini diggers, dumpers, cherry pickers and much more.

We have built a great reputation for quality and reliability in this time, so get in touch with us today to find out more about our plant and tool hire options.

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